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How to prevent mosquito in summer

In addition to the hot temperature in summer, the arrival of mosquitoes is also more and more headache. It not only bites the body, but also seriously affects sleep at night. How to deal with more and more mosquitoes? How to effectively prevent mosquitoes in summer? Take these 18 moves and get rid of the trouble of being bitten by mosquitoes.

How to deal with more and more mosquitoes

When summer comes, mosquitoes start to run wild. When you go to bed at night, they buzz in your ears and bite you from time to time. It's annoying. Mosquito is a high-risk group of bacterial transmission. It can spread disease by biting human body.

In addition to hanging mosquito nets and volatilizing mosquito swatters, burning mosquito repellent incense has become the only choice for many people to prevent mosquitoes. However, many mosquito repellent incense contain benzene, carbonyl compounds and other harmful substances. If the indoor ventilation is poor, the drug smoke produced by burning mosquito repellent incense will stay indoors for a long time, which is very easy to cause chronic poisoning, dizziness, headache, throat discomfort and other symptoms. If inhaled for a long time, it will cause harm to human body.

Therefore, it is best to adopt natural mosquito repellent method which has no toxic and side effects on human body. Here are some tips for mosquito control in summer:

How to deal with more and more mosquitoes? Take these 18 moves quickly. Please worry about being bitten by mosquitoes.

9. Tea dregs for mosquito control

After drinking the tea, the tea dregs must not be thrown away. Drying the residual tea leaves and then burning them indoors can prevent mosquitoes.

10. Wear long sleeves

If there are many mosquitoes in the daily activity place, you should wear long sleeved clothes. It's not that the mosquito can't get into the body to suck blood because of the extra layer of cloth. In fact, the mosquito's mouth needle is very sharp, even the cowhide and thick jeans can penetrate, and the clothes you wear in summer can't bear a 'sting'. The function of clothes is mainly to cover the smell of sweat and other skin secretions, so that mosquitoes can not track it.

11. Wear loose clothing

Mosquitoes usually bite the skin through clothes (tight fabric), so when we go out, we should try to choose loose style clothes, so there will be a gap between the clothes and the skin, and mosquitoes will naturally 'jump into the air'.

12. Try to wear socks

Many people like to wear shoes barefoot in summer, but they don't know that after wearing socks, mosquitoes will feel that people's skin humidity will be reduced, the volatiles on the skin surface will be reduced, and the bites will be reduced.

13. Installation of window screen and mosquito net

Install the window screen on the window and set up the mosquito net beside the bed. This kind of double-layer protection is enough to make you feel comfortable in summer. Window screens and mosquito nets need to be checked regularly. Mosquitoes are the "business experts" who can bite people everywhere!

14. Soap wire + washing powder water

Put a basin in the house, add some soap and water mixed with washing powder. The next day, there will be some dead mosquitoes in the basin. Using this method continuously every day, you can hardly spray insecticide to kill mosquitoes. And there will be fewer and fewer mosquitoes.

15. Using cool oil and essence of wind oil skillfully

Put a few boxes of uncovering cool oil or essential balm in the bedroom. The smell of mosquito repellent incense is choking; the air is dull when the mosquito net is hung. If you can sprinkle a proper amount of Aeolian essence on the whole plate of mosquitoes before mosquito control, the mosquito repellent incense will not choke people, and the room is full of clear, with good mosquito repellent effect. If you can sprinkle a few drops of Aeolian essence on the bed net before entering the bed net, you can improve the air condition in the bed net and increase the mosquito repellent effect.

16. Install the orange light bulb

Orange light bulb is installed indoors. Because mosquitoes are afraid of orange light, it can produce good mosquito repellent effect. If there is no orange light bulb, you can also use orange cellophane with strong transparency to cover the 60 watt bulb, and mosquitoes will flee everywhere.

17. Eat more vegetables

Some vegetables contain odors that mosquitoes don't like, such as vegetables with carotene and spicy vegetables like garlic. After people eat them, mosquitoes will stay away from you. Eating garlic can effectively repel mosquitoes, because mosquitoes don't like the smell of garlic secreted by the human body.

18. Empty bottles are also useful

Put sugar water or beer in an empty wine bottle in a dark place. When mosquitoes smell sweet wine, they will drill into the bottle and be stuck by sugar water or beer to death.

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