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Exposure of UEFA's fine on Milan

Exposure of UEFA's fine on Milan according to Italian media reports, as part of the settlement agreement, AC Milan will face a fine of 20 million euros from UEFA to meet the requirements of UEFA's financial equity act.

AC Milan has previously provided UEFA with a voluntary agreement to gradually balance the accounts over the next four years and finally meet the requirements of the UEFA financial equity Act (FFP). However, after investigation, UEFA found that 'whether Milan can repay 300 million euros in October next year is still uncertain, and the financial guarantee provided by their major shareholders is in doubt', and formally rejected the voluntary agreement submitted by the Rossoneri on this basis.

Italian media reported that UEFA would impose a fine of up to 20 million euros on AC Milan for violating the financial fairness act. Among them, a fine of 5 million euros has been 'determined', and another 15 million euros will be determined according to 'Milan's operating results'.