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Where is the best place for the refrigerator? Can I put it in the living room now the house price is more and more expensive, but the space is really less and less. So the kitchen area is very small, but the fridge is bigger than the generation. Generally, after putting other things, it can't put the fridge. So where is the best place to put the fridge? Can I put the refrigerator in the living room?

Can I put the refrigerator in the living room

You can put it in the living room. Because the area of the kitchen is generally small, and now the volume of the refrigerator is relatively large, maybe the kitchen can't put it at all, so it can be put in the living room. The kitchen space is saved, and the appearance design of the refrigerator is relatively good-looking, which is also very harmonious when placed in the living room.

Disadvantages of refrigerator in living room

1. The things in the refrigerator are generally food, which is mainly used for cooking. If the refrigerator is placed in the living room, it may need to walk back and forth when cooking, which is very inconvenient, and it will be dirty when cooking. Regular walking may bring the oil stains in the kitchen to the living room.

2. Living room is a place where people often watch TV or have a rest. There may be sound when the refrigerator is placed nearby. The noise of the refrigerator that has been used for a long time may be greater, which will affect the user's watching TV or having a rest. And the refrigerator has a certain amount of radiation, although it is not big, but try to put it away from people's lives.

3. The refrigerator keeps its internal cooling by exchanging heat, so the heat in the refrigerator will be discharged into the living room, which will cause the temperature in the living room to rise slightly, and people will be hot in summer.

Now the room is very expensive, so the kitchen area is very small, and the refrigerator is also relatively large. Generally, you can't put the refrigerator after you put other things. Can you put the refrigerator in the living room?

Where is the best place for the refrigerator

This depends on the room configuration at home. If there is a special restaurant at home, it is recommended to put it in the restaurant. If not, it can be put in the kitchen or living room. The kitchen and living room can be put wherever there is enough space. Because putting these two places has its advantages and disadvantages.

We have said the disadvantages of putting it in the living room, but the disadvantages of putting it in the kitchen are that there are more cooking fume in the kitchen. If the cooking fume comes into contact with the refrigerator, it will make the surface of the refrigerator dirty, and the temperature is relatively high. The refrigerator will age faster when placed in the kitchen, the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator will also be affected, and the power consumption will increase.

Where can't I put the refrigerator

Refrigerators cannot be placed in bedrooms and balconies. The refrigerator placed in the bedroom will certainly affect the rest of the user, and will make the temperature of the bedroom slightly higher. It is not recommended to put the bedroom, and the balcony is generally open, there will be sunshine, which has an impact on the service life of the refrigerator. If it is closed without sunshine and rain, it can be considered to put on the balcony, but it will not be convenient, after all, the balcony is still quite far away from the kitchen.