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Can't you eat ice in the dog days? Is there any scientific basis for not eating ice in dog days

Recently, a message circulated in the circle of friends: 'please don't drink iced drinks from the first day of the dog days, otherwise the cold will invade and can't be discharged. Can't you eat ice on the first day of the dog days? Is there any scientific basis?

If you want to expel the cold in your body, you should drink hot water in the dog days, which will force the cold out of your body that has been deep into your bone marrow for many years. "Is this statement reasonable? In addition, in the hospital, groups of people come to apply, asthma, arm and leg pain all come, can winter disease be treated in summer? There are also" two Fu noodles of dumplings, three Fu pancakes and egg rolls ", which is a folk custom, or there is a scientific reason in it? (this article is exclusively arranged by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Although it's hot in the dog days, don't be greedy for cool

According to nutrition expert Liu Na, traditional Chinese medicine believes that Yang should be raised in spring and summer, hair should be born and spread, and cold food has contractive effect, especially on gastrointestinal tract and adjacent heart and arteries, which can cause spasm. Therefore, eating cold food is not in line with seasonal health. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that in the four seasons of the year, the best chance to expel the body's cold is the dog days, so it must not eat cold at this time, otherwise it is easy to let more cold in, and the original cold can not be discharged.

Zang Quanyi, a national second-class public nutritionist, said that the weather is hot in the dog days, sometimes with sultry weather, so people often call the dog days "bitter summer". At this time, the body heat is not easy to emit, the gastrointestinal temperature is also on the high side, cold, cold products into the gastrointestinal tract, easy to cause gastrointestinal spasm, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other manifestations, so it is not recommended to "eat cold" in the dog days. Wang Yunzhang, head chef of kangyuanxuan in kangyuanruiting, thinks there are many reasons for the disharmony between the spleen and the stomach. But in summer, eating a lot of iced drinks and drinking iced beer should be the main reason. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Because the frozen beverage and food meet the desire of the tongue, but not the requirements of the stomach. Especially if you drink cold drinks or beer on an empty stomach, your stomach will be strongly stimulated. It may feel comfortable to drink, but it will reduce the digestive capacity of the stomach after a long time.

Strictly speaking, cold drinks, popsicles, iced beer, etc. are not suitable in any season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

A nutrition expert from Guang'anmen Hospital said that sleeping in the bed without eating cold is of particular concern in this year's seasonal health care. This is actually to establish a good eating habit, remind people not to eat too cold, take good care of the spleen and stomach. Even after the dog days, you should not be greedy for cool, otherwise you will still have the problem of hurting the spleen and stomach, Qi and blood. It's impossible to cure the disease without taking a cold in the dog days. To be exact, it's unscientific. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

It's a tradition of sweating in the dog days and it's thought that it can expel poison. There is a dog sheep festival in Xuzhou. When it's three dog days, everyone eats mutton. In fact, this is the process of making everyone eat hot and sweat around the table. It's the process of expelling poison, waste and cold.

It's a good thing that people can sweat and excrete more effectively without eating cold and shrinking the pores of their hair.

The concept of "cool" should be accurate. One is the cool of temperature, the other is the cool of food. The other is the cool of food, such as mung bean and lotus root.