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What to do if the carpet is peed by a pet

Many people have carpets in their homes, which are not only beautiful but also comfortable to use. However, there are always times when carpets cannot be prevented. What should I do if pets and children pee on them? How to deal with it? How to deal with it when it's burned by cigarette butts? Let's look for these questions with Xiaobian in the following.

How to clean the carpet when it is urinated

The carpet at home is accidentally wet by pet urine. Try these methods to remove the smell:

Towel application + enzyme detergent

1. Put a wet towel on the dog's wet place, and then add a heavy object to it. It can absorb most of the urine. Repeat twice more, at least 10 minutes each time.

2. After taking away the towel, wet the urine again and spray a small amount of enzyme detergent. It may help break down the residual protein in urine, remove the smell of urine, and prevent pets from urinating in situ again.

3. Cover the area where the detergent is sprayed with towel again and put it for one night. At this time, the urine smell and urine spots are gone.

Detergent + baking soda

1. First, use a tissue to absorb as much urine as possible. If the urine is dry at this time, spray a little water on the place with strong smell, and then use a paper towel to absorb the water.

2. Spray enzyme cleaners (these cleaners are best used to remove new urine stains that have not been cleaned) to the urine. Cover all urine areas as thoroughly as possible. According to the instructions on the package, allow the product to slowly neutralize the odor.

3. Spray clean water on the dog's urine stains, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the sewage away. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, use a paper towel to absorb the sewage. Do not spray too much water on the urine stains. Large puddles can cause mold to grow under carpets.

4. Sprinkle baking soda and add extra deodorant. Let the stain dry. Try to ventilate the room so that the carpet dries faster and the smell can be removed.

5. Clean up the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner after air drying. If you still have urine stains, repeat these steps if necessary.

Vinegar solution

First, dilute the vinegar in water at a certain proportion, and then wipe the place with wet towel where the carpet smells of urine. Pay attention not to use too much water, and use paper towel to absorb the water every time. The soaking power of vinegar can clean the smell of urine. Repeat several times, put it on the balcony a sun, urine can be removed.

Find a professional cleaner

For difficult urine stains, it is necessary to find a professional cleaner. First, clean up more cleanly and efficiently to ensure family health. The second is to prevent the carpet from seeping color, affecting the service life.

What to do if the carpet is burned by cigarette butts

People who smoke at home may encounter the situation that the carpet is accidentally burned by cigarette butts, leaving traces when it is light, and ugly small holes when it is important. What to do if the carpet is scalded by cigarette butts? There are several solutions:

Repair with the same parts

1. Find the small pieces of materials left over when paving the carpet.

2. Then cut off the burnt part of the carpet.

3. After that, we can use the same zero material to cut a patch, which can hardly be seen from a distance.

Repair with wool of similar color

First, use a hard brush to brush up and down the burned area to ensure that there is no floating hair on the surface. Then cut some carpet hairs at the corners of the carpet, apply glue to the damaged parts, and carefully stick the cut hairs to the damaged parts.

If the hole is the whole through the carpet, it is necessary to paste a layer of cloth on the back of the hole, and then carry out the above operation.

Looking for professionals

If the carpet is burned by cigarette butts, it's better to find a professional mender to help you. For this kind of large-scale damage, it is not recommended to repair by yourself to avoid aggravating the damage.

The repair method of polypropylene carpet and nylon carpet hole

Regarding the cigarette end scalds the hole to let many people headache worry, will think cannot repair. In fact, we need to know the material of carpet. If it is polypropylene carpet, the possibility of general repair is very low. Polypropylene carpet does not have fire protection requirements, even if it is repaired successfully, there will be obvious repair traces. Corresponding is nylon carpet will be much better, nylon carpet material itself has a good fire resistance. Need to repair the need for a corresponding carpet head, if not from the bed and other areas not often used to cut use.

How to maintain the carpet

Carpet in daily use is best to pay attention to maintenance, which can extend its service life to a certain extent. The following suggestions are necessary:

1. After using the carpet for a long time, it is recommended to change the position to make it wear evenly. Once there are bumps in some places, you can tap them gently. You can also use steam iron or hot towel to apply iron gently.

2. Avoid light: avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid aging and fading of carpet.

3. Antifouling: during use, it is not allowed to be contaminated with oil, acid, colored liquid, etc. in case of pollution, it shall be immediately wiped with high-quality carpet cleaning paste.

4. Dust removal: in the carpet surface fiber, it is easy to accumulate dust. It should be cleaned along the direction of the hair. It is not allowed to use the work with teeth or rough edges to avoid damaging the carpet surface.

5. Prevention of down hair: if the carpet is down hair, wipe it with clean and wet hot water, comb it with a comb, and iron it with a wet cloth on the iron pad. It can be restored to its original state.

6. Rooms with carpets shall be ventilated and moisture-proof to avoid moth and mildew. If moth and corrosion are found, professionals shall be invited to repair.

7. After using carpet for a long time, it is hard to avoid fading and indentation. Here's a trick to sprinkle salt on the carpet, and then wipe the salt with a warm wet cloth the next day. The color of the carpet will be greatly improved. The steam generated by the iron acts on the carpet surface, but it is better not to contact directly, which can repair the indentation to a certain extent.

Cleaning and maintenance of carpet

1. Remove dust and mites regularly. Carpet is very easy to hide dust, especially the carpet with long and thick fluff. For example, frequent use of carpets can be washed twice or three times a week, the use of lower also to once a week.

2. Clean regularly. In addition to the usual dust removal work, the carpet has been used for a certain time, and can be thoroughly cleaned once. Generally, the carpet should be cleaned every one or two years to ensure that the carpet is always new.

3. Do not clean the carpet too often, and do not use sharp tools to avoid affecting the use of the carpet.