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2018 World Cup Denmark team 35 players list cup Denmark team match schedule

According to the latest news, the list of 2018 Denmark world cup is in the first wave. On May 14, Beijing time, the Danish Football Association announced the primary list of 35 players in the Russian World Cup, and the final list of 23 players will be generated in the list of 35 players. So who are the players in the team of 2018 Denmark? What are the players that can be determined finally? These are what most fans want to know, next and small Let's take a look at the starting lineup of Denmark in 2018 World Cup, and then analyze it in detail.

List of Denmark 2018 World Cup list of starting lineup of Denmark 2018 World Cup

List of 35 players of Denmark in 2018 World Cup:

Strikers: Jorgensen (Feyenoord), Cornelius (Atlanta), Bendtner (Rosenberg), sito (CELTA), Fischer (Copenhagen), Poulsen (RB Leipzig), blythwaite (Bordeaux), SKOV (Copenhagen), dolbert (Ajax), zohora (Cardiff City)

Midfielders: Eriksson (Tottenham), Delaney (Werder Bremen), Quester (Copenhagen), Cheney (Ajax), laelag (Bordeaux), Jensen (Rosenberg), heibel (Southampton), clone Deli (lakerunia), worth (CELTA), Matthias Jensen (North Silan)

Defenders: kyar (Sevilla), belan (Brentford), zanka Jorgensen (Huddersfield), Christensen (Chelsea), Larsen (Udinese), durmissy (Real Betis), westergo (menshing Gladbach), boylesen (Copenhagen), darsgow (Brentford), Knudsen (Ipswich), ankelson (Copenhagen)

Goalkeepers: Schumacher Jr. (Leicester City), winou (Brondby), Rosell (Huddersfield), Hansen (China, Japan and Germany)

Introduction to Denmark in 2018 World Cup

The Danish national football team, founded by the Danish Football Association, is a rapidly rising national football team in the 1980s. Denmark's first major Cup winner was Sweden's European Cup in 1992, when the Yugoslav civil war occurred in Yugoslavia, so Denmark replaced Yugoslavia to compete in Sweden. In the final, Denmark beat Germany 2-0 to win Denmark's only European Cup. In terms of the world cup, Denmark has only made four World Cup finals weeks, namely 1986, 1998, 2002 and 2010. In the 1998 World Cup in France, Denmark only lost to Brazil by 2:3, leaving in the last eight; in 2002, the 16th World Cup met with England, and was eliminated by 0-3.

On December 1, 2017, the 2018 Russia world cup group came out, with France, Australia, Peru and Denmark in group C.

2018 Russia world cup Denmark team match schedule (Beijing time)

June 17 0:00 Peru Denmark

21:00, June 21 Denmark Australia

26 June 22:00 Denmark France

Conclusion: in fact, loyal fans should be able to predict which players will be included in the final 23 member list of Denmark in 2018 World Cup, of course, there will be accidents. No matter whether the final list is the one we want, we will always cheer for Denmark.