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2018 World Cup Uruguay team 26 team schedule

In the world cup, Uruguay is an old champion team. It won the first World Cup and the Second World Cup in 1950. Although it has not entered the top three in the world cup, it is also the leader of the strong team. It has won the fourth place in the Third World Cup. This year's first match against Egypt is a big win, but it can't be too sure. It's the first time Let's have a look at the 2018 Uruguay world cup list. Who is the team of Uruguay in 2018? Here is a list of the starting lineup of Uruguay in 2018 World Cup compiled by Xiao Bian. Come and have a look.

List of 2018 Uruguay world cup

According to the editor in chief, the final list of 23 players of Uruguay in 2018 World Cup will be generated from the following 26 players.

List of 26 players of Uruguay in 2018 World Cup:

Goalkeepers: Muslera (Galatasaray), Martin Silva (Vasco da Gama), Campania (independence)

Defenders: Godin (Atletico Madrid), Coates (Portugal sports), Jimenez (Atletico Madrid), Maxi Pereira (Porto), Gaston Silva (independence), Martin Caceres (Lazio), Guillermo Varela (penarol)

Midfield players: South Germany (Boca youth), torrella (Sampdoria), besino (inter), Federico balvede (lakoronia), bentankur (Juve), Carlos Sanchez (Monterey), de alaskatta (Cruzeiro), laksault (Genoa), Christian Rodriguez (penaro), uritacaya (Monterey), Gaston Ramirez( Sampdoria, rodero (Seattle Bay man)

Forwards: stuyani (Verona), Maxi Gomez (CELTA), Cavani (Paris Saint Germain), Suarez (Barcelona)

Introduction to Uruguay in 2018 World Cup

Uruguay national football team is the champion team of the first World Cup. In 1930, it beat Argentina 4-2 at home to win the first World Cup. In 1950, Uruguay once again challenged the World Cup held in Brazil. The finals adopted a unique group competition system. In addition to Uruguay, the host countries Brazil, Spain and Sweden.

Uruguay played Brazil in the last group match, and the world cup champion team was replaced by Argentina and Brazil after winning the world cup again. The best result of the world cup was the championship in 1930 and 1950. Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0 in 2011 and won the Copa America for the 15th time, surpassing Argentina to become the country with the most Copa America.

On December 1, 2017, the 2018 Russia world cup group came out, with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay in group A.

Uruguay's World Cup History

Schedule of 2018 Russia world cup Uruguay team (Beijing time)

June 15, 19:00 Egypt Uruguay

23:00, June 20 Uruguay Saudi Arabia

June 25 22:00 Uruguay Russia

Conclusion: June 15, 2018 is the time for Uruguay to play Egypt. The fans must not miss it when they pass by. Let's see how Uruguay performs in the first round!