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Can socks be washed with underwear? What's wrong with socks being washed with underwear

Today's pace of life is really very fast, even the usual laundry needs to work overtime, so many people go home to wash clothes directly put dirty clothes in the washing machine, socks and underwear are thrown in, can socks and underwear be washed together? What's the harm of this? Let's get to know.

Can socks and underpants be washed together

Whether underwear and socks can be washed together depends on the individual. Washing them together will not have any effect. If the users who are addicted to cleanliness are not afraid of trouble, they can wash separately. Of course, it's cleaner to do so. From the perspective of hygiene, it's better to wash separately.

Why socks and underpants can be washed together

In terms of current washing methods and detergents, whether you wash them by hand or by machine, with washing powder or with washing liquid, the disinfection and sterilization are better now. The active substances and antibacterial ingredients in detergents can remove most stains and bacteria from clothes, so you don't need to worry about the problem of unclean detergent sterilization and poor cleaning effect.

Another reason is that when we usually take a bath, our body and feet are all immersed in the bathtub. When we sleep on the bed sheet, our whole body is also in close contact with the bed sheet. Why should we separate when we wash.

A problem that many people are struggling with. Socks and underpants belong to the same category in many people's mind. It's a little dirty to wash them together. It's too troublesome to wash them separately, so can socks and underpants be washed together?

Why socks and underpants can't be washed together

Because there are different bacteria in socks and underwear, if they are cleaned together, it is easy to cause cross infection. If you are suffering from beriberi or other skin diseases, it is better not to wash your underwear together with socks or other clothing, which is easy to cause cross infection of bacteria on clothing, which is easy to cause skin diseases.

Close fitting underwear and wool socks cannot be washed together. For example, underwear should not be mixed with socks made of wool, because wool products will lose their hair in the washing process. If the wool touches the surface of the underwear, it is easy to have allergies and infections after contact with sensitive parts of the body, and the comfort will be greatly reduced.

Can socks and underpants be washed together

Underwear and socks of the same material can be mixed washed, but it depends on your health and the cleanliness of the washing machine. If you are healthy and the washing effect of the washing machine is good, there is no big problem in cleaning them together. If your washing machine is not clean, it is recommended to separate it.