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How to wash printed T-shirt can I wash it with washing machine many people buy Printed T-shirts, but suddenly they don't want to print them. So how to get rid of the print on the T-shirt? May as well and small make up understand next!

How to wash printed T-shirt can I wash it with washing machine

How to wash printed T-shirt

In addition to white T-shirts, other colored cotton t-shirts will fade a little when washing, so it is necessary to distinguish them when cleaning, especially black and Red Printed T-shirts, which must be washed separately! When cleaning, it is best to use cold water, soak for about 5 minutes before hand washing ~ do not soak for too long.

How to wash printed T-shirt

​ cannot use detergent containing bleaching agent

Under normal circumstances, we will not use bleach to wash clothes, but in fact, there are many detergents on the market that contain bleach! Best not to use! Just use ordinary washing powder~

Can't wash with washing machine

Printed t-shirt design will generally have a little hard feeling, some prints even a little sticky! In particular, some printed T-shirts will have hot diamonds or bright powder. Do not wash them with washing machine, which will damage the design~

No brush

Many people have the habit of washing clothes and using brushes, which is actually very bad! Very harmful to the fabric of T-shirt! Especially for printed T-shirts, if you brush the printed part, the printing is basically useless~

Can't scrub vigorously

When washing the printed T-shirt, what we can't do most is to rub the printed part vigorously, otherwise it will not only affect the color of the group, but even damage the printed pattern! Not only the printing part, but also the neckline can not be rubbed vigorously, otherwise the neckline will be deformed.

How to air printed T-shirt

The printed T-shirt can't be wring dry after washing, or it will damage the printing. It's better to hang it directly in the ventilated and cool place and dry naturally. Don't expose it in the sun! Otherwise, the printing will change color and fade!

When drying, you need to extend the hanger from the loose part of the T-shirt's hem, because it will lose its elastic deformation if you force it from the neckline! After hanging, you can tidy it up so that it won't wrinkle easily.