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What pants are popular in autumn and winter 2018? How to match split pants

In autumn and winter this year, the trend of wide leg pants, split pants and small leg pants coexists. How can pants match well? Autumn and winter 2018 pants matching, small knitting can only introduce you here, let's have a look.

What style of pants will be popular in 2018

These three pants are popular in spring 2018. Each one is easy to wear and looks thin. It's easy to wear long legs! These three pants are very popular with young girls now. They can perform different styles and are very sweet in any way.

No.1: Wide Leg Pants

It seems that this kind of single product has never quit since it was born. It has always been in a stable position in the fashion circle. The wide leg pants have always adhered to the concept of versatile and thin, with numerous circles. Therefore, this spring wide leg pants are still very popular.

Black Wide Leg Pants

It's not only easy to wear but also versatile black wide leg pants. The style of suit pants is very suitable in any season. It's a very fashionable pair of pants. The loose wide leg version has no sense of restraint at all. It's full of street sense. The irregular fringe design at the bottom adds a free and easy design with high waist and streamline, which can easily show a good figure, nine points of length and ankle, Longer legs.

Denim wide leg pants

Denim wide leg pants are also the most classic and versatile. The washed blue denim straight leg pants give a retro feeling. The curling design of fashion personality can easily improve the fashion of the pants. The loose leg can well contain the small defects of your leg, easily create a charming long leg curve, match with a denim jacket, and absolutely attract the eyes when you go out.

No.2: cigarette pants

Smoke tube pants are one of the popular pants in 2018. Compared with wide leg pants, these pants are also inferior. They also have the effect of showing thin and long legs. Of course, they are also very versatile!

If you don't like wide legged trousers, you may as well start with a pair of nine point black smoke tube trousers. They are also very versatile and thin. They are three-dimensional, neat and neat. They are very stiff on the upper body. They can also modify the leg shape. They are straight and slender in the vertical. They are treated with holes in the knee. They are novel, fashionable and personalized. They are slim and can outline the soft and beautiful curve. How can they look good? They are very suitable for you Wear it in spring and summer.

No.3: black leggings

Black leggings have also been deeply rooted in people's hearts. No matter how the times change and how the trend of fashion circles changes, black leggings are also deeply rooted. It's a synonym for versatile classic slim.

I like this pair of pants very much at a glance. The design of the model is very simple, but it doesn't lose the sense of fashion, especially the hole treatment above the knee. It has the style of casual, tight pants and super elasticity, which can make your legs more slender. The hem of the pants is polished, and the leather jacket is very handsome.

How to match split pants

The split pants are fashionable and have a sense of design. Wearing them, they are thin, hide meat and walk with wind. Helen thinks that a pair of split pants is suitable for spring.

Split pant type

Split little black pants

Small black pants show thin ability full marks, and the legs are more slender and thin when the legs are properly exposed.

The small black pants with the front split wavy side are more light and windy to walk.

Split jeans

Split jeans reduce the heaviness of denim fabric and make it fresh and airy.

Split jeans with suit, fashionable and handsome.

Split suit pants

Split suit pants reduce the seriousness of the suit, more playful leisure.

The wide leg pants of the split suit match with the white sweater, showing high and thin, simple and textured.

Split school uniform pants

The school uniform pants of leisure and sports style, with more bifurcated fashion, soared in an instant.

The slim style bottoms with loose split school uniform pants are tall, thin and full of style.

How to match T-shirt and split pants

Sweater / sweater + Split pants

With the youth breath of leisure and fashion, the sweater is matched with split pants to reduce the age.

Open stomach zipper sweater with split school uniform pants of the same color, slim waist and long legs, full of vitality.

The red sweater matches with the red school uniform pants, which are bright in color.

The navy blue sweater matches with the front split pants of the same color system, plus a pair of Lefu shoes, simple and casual.

All white, fresh and beautiful, the wide leg pants with a strong sense of drooping are elegant and light, full of atmosphere.

Shirt + Split pants

In spring, the necessary shirt with split pants, strong combination, fashionable and stylish, is a must for going out of the street.

The pink round neck silk shirt is delicate and feminine. It is elegant and elegant with black split wide leg pants.

Denim shirt with split black pants and high-heeled shoes, smart and handsome.

The Striped Shirt half tucks into the slit small black pants, lazy and casual.

It's also a striped shirt with extra long split black pants, two meters long legs~

V-neck shirt with red split school uniform pants, youth, fashion and eye-catching.

Shirt + Split school uniform pants with a pair of velvet high heels are also very feminine.

All the shirts are stuffed into the high waisted split school uniform pants, which are high and thin, casual and stylish.

Water blue shirt with striped high split wide leg pants, neat and flexible.

T-shirt + Split pants

T-shirt is simple and versatile. It's casual and fashionable with split pants.

Striped splicing T-shirt with army green split wide leg pants, plus a pair of Pink Velvet cat heels, there is no lack of playfulness in the handsome.

Black T-shirt with wide leg pants with metal buckle, simple and bright.

Suit + Split pants

Suit coat and split pants can make serious formal suit more casual and can be worn for work out of the street.

Suit coat with split small black pants is high and clean, and a belt easily creates a good proportion.

Striped suit coat with split jeans is casual and fashionable, and a plaid shirt at the waist is full of modeling sense.

A black suit coat and a light striped split pants say goodbye to lethargy~

Other + Split pants

A motorcycle jacket with black split wide leg pants is handsome and stylish.

It's fashionable to match shirt with vest skirt. It's more slim with a pair of split black pants.

The windproof coat is full of street feeling, with split school uniform pants and sneakers, casual and lazy.

Floral one piece split pants with a sweater, fashionable and lady.

All black is covered with a suspender dress, which can reduce the dullness by properly exposing the skin when the trouser legs are split.

Embroidered jacket with white high split wide leg pants, cool and elegant, cool and casual.

It's more fashionable than wide legged pants, and thinner than small legged pants. Are you sure you don't want a pair of wide legged and practical split pants!

What pants do girls wear in autumn

Although Leggings are the treasure of many women's hearts, but this autumn, going out to choose a black leggings will be more westernized, more body and temperament. Recommend some pants with great upper body effect!

High waist slim Leggings

As a girl who loves beauty, try to choose such high waist and small leg pants when going out in spring. The high waist and small leg pants have good hip lifting effect and long legs. There is no doubt that such pants are especially suitable for wearing in early spring.

Embroidered snowflake high waist jeans at the hem

It's a kind of pants that is more versatile than leggings. It's such a good-looking and error free style. Wearing it will make you fall in love with TA without hesitation. All kinds of women's paper can be worn, capable and indestructible!

High waisted tight pants with holes

Many mm are in pursuit of symmetrical beauty, but to be honest, this asymmetric hole is more temperament than size. Many cute people don't like to wear old-fashioned leggings, which has no problem at all.

High waisted Leggings

A pair of small black pants has made its way into the world. Compared with leggings, this pair of small black leggings with ultra-thin fabric is your first choice. It's very eye-catching to match with small leather shoes or small white shoes.

Sports slim black leggings

I'm used to wearing jeans and woolen trousers. I also need a pair of soft Bottomwear pants! A kind of bottom pants with attitude is suitable for you with personality. You can quickly distinguish yourself from passers-by a, B, C, D!