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What's the reason why the refrigerator doesn't cool Xiaobian has had a little trouble with his refrigerator recently. It seems that the refrigeration effect is not so good. Some people find that the air conditioner doesn't cool or the cooling effect is poor after they use it for a long time. What's the reason for this?

What's the reason why the refrigerator doesn't cool

What are the reasons for the poor refrigeration effect of refrigerators

1. Filter screen of refrigerator is blocked

This situation can be solved by yourself. Basically, all refrigeration equipment will have a filter screen, which can filter out the impurities brought by suction when the machine is running. If the filter is used for a long time, the filter screen will be blocked by impurities, so that the refrigerator will not work smoothly, which will lead to poor refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. It is recommended to clean the filter screen.

2. Insufficient refrigerant in refrigerator

If there is not enough refrigerant in the refrigerator, it should be where the condenser tube leaks, causing the refrigerant to leak secretly. At this time, we need to find a professional master to repair the door, weld the leaking condenser pipe, and then add a proper amount of refrigerant to the refrigerator.

3. The air outlet of refrigerator is blocked

Some people often stuff a large amount of food into the refrigerator. The refrigerator is full and there is no gap. After a period of time, they find that the food in the refrigerator is not very fresh and think that the refrigerator is malfunctioning.

4. Compressor does not cool and does not work

There will be a compressor in the refrigerator. When the compressor works, but when the compressor fails, the air conditioner will not cool. There is no other way, but to change a compressor or a refrigerator.

The reason why the refrigerator doesn't cool at all

1、 There is a problem with the thermostat

If there is a problem with the thermostat in the refrigerator, it will not cool. The temperature controller of refrigerator is installed in the cold room. If the temperature of the cold room does not meet the requirements of the temperature controller, it will not shut down. If the compressor does not shut down all the time, the freezing chamber may cause very low temperature in the refrigerator, which may cause the froster of the evaporator of the refrigeration chamber to freeze out, thus causing ice jam.

Solution: lower the temperature of the freezer. Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator is normal from 4-10 ℃. In summer, the number is larger, and in winter, the number is smaller.

2. Fan failure

If the fan in the refrigerator fails, it will lead to abnormal cooling of the refrigerator, or too much food in the refrigerator, which will block the air outlet of the refrigerator, and the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator will become worse, making the temperature inside the refrigerator constantly rise.

Solution: if the fan of the refrigerator breaks down, it needs to be repaired immediately. If it is seriously damaged, it needs to replace the fan of the refrigerator. At the same time, dredge the air outlet of the refrigerator to ensure the smoothness of the air outlet, increase the cooling effect of the refrigerator, and reduce the internal temperature of the refrigerator.

3. Fuse burned out

If the compressor of the refrigerator works for too long, the temperature inside the compressor will rise. If the heat can't be dissipated in time, the high temperature of the compressor will burn the fuse, causing the refrigerator not to cool.

Solution: when the fuse of refrigerator compressor is burnt out due to high temperature, it is necessary to replace the fuse inside the refrigerator compressor, and at the same time, it is necessary to cool down the compressor in time to avoid the fuse from being burnt out twice.