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Can mosquito repellent be put on the head of the bed

Mosquito repellent liquid is essential for many families in summer, especially those with children. When inserting mosquito repellent liquid in the room, where is it generally safe and good for our body? Some users like to put mosquito repellent incense on the bed, OK?

Can mosquito repellent be put on the head of the bed

Where to put mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent incense is best placed away from people and in a more ventilated room. Whether it is mosquito repellent incense or liquid mosquito repellent incense, there will be a certain degree of toxicity. Although the toxicity of liquid mosquito repellent incense is relatively small, it will not do great harm to people, but there are still a small amount of harm.

If a person stays in a room full of mosquito repellent liquid for a long time and the air is not circulating, some chest tightness, dizziness and other symptoms will appear, especially some relatively poor mosquito repellent liquid. Therefore, qualified products should be selected when purchasing.

Is it OK to put mosquito repellent incense on the head of the bed

It is better not to put mosquito repellent on the head of the bed. Because the electric mosquito repellent liquid still has certain toxicity. If it is placed at the head of the bed, the concentration of the nearby mosquito repellent liquid will be higher than that of other places. It is not good for health to put it so close to people, so the mosquito repellent liquid should be kept away from people as far as possible.

Precautions for using mosquito repellent liquid

1. When using, keep indoor ventilation, pay attention to electricity use and fire safety when inserting, and avoid electricity use accidents.

2. No matter the wall socket or wire board is used, the bottle body of mosquito repellent liquid must be kept upright to prevent the leakage of liquid medicine from causing accidents.

3. Please use the same brand of electric mosquito repellent liquid and heater, because the heating temperature of different brands of heaters is different, using the same brand of heater can avoid accidents.

4. When the heater works, do not cover anything on the surface, make sure it is not covered by curtains and bed sheets, and do not put inflammable and explosive things beside it.

5. Do not touch the heater when your hands are wet. When the heater is working, do not touch or insert anything.

6. The service life of the heater is generally 2-3 years. If you use it for several consecutive nights and find that the mosquito repellent liquid has not decreased, you need to replace the new electric mosquito repellent liquid heater.

7. For the first use, please power on and preheat one hour in advance. When using, the heater should be placed in the windward position.

8. When using mosquito repellent, do not touch eyes, do not take food, and remember to wash hands after use.

9. Pets, fish and silkworm rooms should be avoided.

10. It is forbidden for allergic person. If there is any adverse reaction in use, please see a doctor in time.