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2016 MSI finals coming LPL duel Lck RNG aims to win again

2016 MSI finals coming LPL duel Lck RNG aims to win again at six o'clock this evening, the match of bo5 in the MSI finals will be held at the zenith stadium in Paris, France. The two teams that came to the finals this time were RNG and KZ, the LPL champions. Both teams fought all the way in the front 13 competition days and finally came to today's finals. Neither team has won the MSI championship. I believe that both sides of the match will bring you a wonderful bo5.

2018msi finals coming

LPL to Lck RNG again

In the S series and MSI Invitational competitions of the past few years, the Lck team has also left a deep impression on the world players. It has a strong medium-term operation and has won almost all the champions. Only once did LPG team EDG beat SKT in the first MSI and won the first MSI championship.

In 2015, EDG beat SKT to win the mid season championship

After 16, 17 years of MSI, LPL team did not enter the final, SKT consecutive champion. In the S series, Lck team SKT and SSG have proved the strength of the so-called "first division" -- after the first MSI, and before the final of this MSI, in 1105 days, no team in each division in the world has defeated South Korea in bo5.

In the 2017 global finals, SSG successfully reached the top in the 'Lck civil war' between bird's nest and SKT

Two years ago, RNG stopped in the semi-finals of the MSI competition in Shanghai, defeated FNC, a powerful European team, and entered the championship battle of MSI for the first time. The Lck team KZ they faced was also the first to enter the finals of the international competition. Both teams bear the honor of their own competition area and the expectation of the audience.

RNG aims to forge a new legend

Who can become a God again?

With his first act of fierce play, 'crazy dog' Uzi has been famous in the world for many years, and after so many years of career, now Uzi is the most feared stable carry point for opponents. In a recent interview, we can see RNG's desire for this championship.

Today's Uzi has both a calm mind and a strong explosive force

In this MSI group competition stage, the reason why RNG can complete the six consecutive wins of Jedi and get the first place in the group competition depends on the perfect ad play of Uzi. Then, in the three matches between the semi-final and FNC, it also feels that every member of RNG has the ability of Cary. In today's RNG will usher in the most critical bo5.

Before the opening of the MSI, all the major media in the world believed that KZ was an unassailable team. But in terms of group games, it's not as dominant as rumours suggest. The final ranking of KZ in the group match is only the third. In yesterday's match with FW, they also lost a game because of an early forced opening. Pray, an ad player, is the core of the team's output in the middle and later stages, but the rhythm in the early stage is not as dominant as that in other regions.

Pray is the core of mid late KZ

It's very important to fight in the field

RNG needs to give letme a higher priority on the single option to ensure that in the face of the so-called 'first single' Khan can withstand the pressure.

In the finals, letme will face great pressure

In the group match, the RNG field mlxg was forced to face each other at the first and early stage, which led to the situation once falling into a disadvantage. Considering that this is a mid early version, the field fight will also be the key to win or lose.

Peanout has a lot of power in the wild

The two teams did not expose too much tactical black technology in the semi-finals. Uzi women's police in the third election and pray EZ in the fourth election. Maybe the team that has prepared "big moves" will take the lead in this bo5.

At 6:00 this afternoon, KZ in the 2018msi finals can maintain the dominant position of Lck in the international competition bo5, or RNG, the LPL champion, can win the championship trophy all the way. "White night's electric competition" cheers RNG. Hero, go beyond together!