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What is the ending of double 4

The end of iron man in couplet 4 is revealed

The final ending of "couplet 3" breaks the hearts of countless people, but the most sad thing is iron man. Since six years ago, iron man has been shrouded in the haze of exterminating hegemony. In six years, he has constantly improved his strength and the strength of the earth, just to protect his most cherished people in the hands of exterminating hegemony.

However, the end is that everyone disappears in front of their own eyes, especially the last sentence of "sorry" of the little spider. 'it made Tony feel hopeless. I can only kneel on my own helplessly.

But, as the captain said before, it's not the end of everything. Although Tony has to bear all the grief, he has survived. And Gwyneth & middot; Paltrow, who plays chili pepper, also revealed the story of iron man in "couplet 4" in an interview.

Pepper said in the interview: 'pepper and Tony have gone through a long life together. At first she was Tony's dutiful assistant. Later, their relationship developed deeply. Ten years later, they got married and had children. '

Yes, you are not wrong. In "couplet 4", Toni should return to the earth and marry pepper. The two have a child.

But we don't know whether this is the ending of Fu Lian 4 or a bridge in Fu Lian 4.

This is the place where the news is full of fear.

If it's the former, of course, everyone is happy. Tony didn't die, but had a happy ending, which made everyone satisfied.

However, if it is the latter, then combined with my conjecture yesterday, it means that Tony got married and gave birth to a son with pepper after "couplet 3". After a period of good life, suddenly one day he had the choice to go through time and space and change the ending of "couplet 3".

But it means that Tony, in order to change the ending, has to overthrow the good life he has now! Whether it's his marriage with pepper or his own children!

This will be the most cruel and sad choice.

However, we all know that Tony will make this choice, not only because the stills of Fu Lian 4 have explained everything, but also because we know that Tony will do it, why? Because he is the iron man & Middleton; Tony & Middleton; stark!

As he once said to the spider: 'if you die, I think it's my responsibility. '

Tony will surely blame his incompetence for half of the universe's death. Now he has the chance to change the outcome. For the sake of righteousness, Tony will be desperate, even if he is the only one who gets hurt in the end!

If it is such an ending, even if it will turn tears back into a river, we can't stop it, because this is Tony, the hero's choice.

But optimistic, maybe not as complicated as the captain's guess, maybe it's the first kind of happy end. Iron man finally saved the universe, married pepper, had children and retired to the second tier.

This should be the ending that all audiences like to see most.