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Why does Tencent want to "block" short video? Why can Tencent say "block it"?

Original title: why does Tencent delete the short video 'blocking order' specifically?

Tiktok active users in April 2018 were 5 million 120 thousand, about Kwai 1/46 and 1/32.

Tiktok released a museum in May 18th to promote traditional culture, which was banned in two hours in less than 24 hours by WeChat, which was named in the prohibit of sharing H5. On the same day, wechat school issued the announcement on further upgrading the rules of external chain management, stipulating that 'external links shall not spread the content containing audio-visual programs in any form without obtaining the legal license such as the permission of information network to spread audio-visual programs. '

Tiktok, a Kwai prohibit short video APP, was spread around the Internet, including fast hands, jitter, small volcano videos, watermelon videos, and so on.

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The news caused a stir. In the early morning of May 21, wechat 'relented' and deleted the short video 'blocking order' released on May 18.

Why can Tencent say it's sealed?

In 2007, the State Administration of radio, film and television issued the regulations on the administration of Internet audio-visual program services, stipulating that 'to engage in Internet audio-visual program services, the license for information network communication audio-visual program issued by the competent department of radio, film and television shall be obtained in accordance with these regulations'.

Interface journalists found that in the past four years, the State Administration of radio, film and television has updated the list of licensed institutions of Internet audio-visual program services three times, and Tencent has been on the list three times.

According to Article 9 of Tencent's video upload service rules, "if you do not have the license for information network dissemination of audio-visual programs, Tencent shall, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, act as the main body of video upload service, and perform various management responsibilities such as content control for the program content in accordance with the requirements of national audio-visual program management. '

Short video 'not safe'

The short video industry rose in 2017. By April 2018, the total number of monthly active users of short video app has exceeded 450 million.

Tiktok Kwai (Tencent) has a late layout in the short video industry. The number of users of the short video (Tencent's short video APP) has only increased significantly in February. The number of active users in the month is 5 million 120 thousand, about 1/46, 1/32.

Since 2017, the supervision of the short video industry by the regulators has been strengthened, and social platforms such as microblog and wechat have also upgraded their management rules.