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How to clean and maintain leather sofa

Four seas net: leather sofa is more popular sofa. Leather sofa looks high-end and elegant, especially suitable for office or home. But for a long time, the leather sofa needs to pay special attention to cleaning. Can leather sofa be wiped with wet cloth?

Can leather sofa be wiped with water

Generally speaking, leather sofa had better not be wiped with water.

The reason is that wiping leather sofa with water will damage the texture of leather, resulting in wrinkle, peeling and even peeling of leather. If you often wipe the leather sofa with water, it is likely to shorten its service life.

Of course, some families will say, what to do if the leather sofa is dirty? How to keep it clean without wiping it with water.

If there is no stain on the leather sofa, then we just need to clean the leather sofa simply. Wipe the dust and fine particles on the surface and gap of the leather sofa with a clean soft cloth. Then often do these simple cleaning, sofa can keep clean for a long time! Leather sofa is better than fabric sofa.

What if the surface of leather sofa is stained or cleaned for a long time? Here are some suggestions:

When the leather sofa is dirty, it is recommended to wipe it with a dry cloth first, then with a special leather care solution, and then apply it as a whole. If there are particularly dirty parts, use a dry rag dipped in a little liquid care, wipe repeatedly.

The protective liquid can also be used at ordinary times. It has the function of cleaning and the effect of protecting cortex. It can form a protective film on the cortex and play a protective role. Once something dirties the sofa, it just dirties the protective layer, and it will be gone with a little daub.

For some of the more difficult to deal with stains, you can use a wet towel with less alcohol to wipe. Some people use soapy water or detergent and other chemicals to wipe the stains on the sofa. Do not know these chemicals have corrosive effect, will soon wipe the surface of the sofa part to be damaged, thus dim.

Can leather sofa be wiped with wet cloth

Leather sofa had better not be wiped with wet cloth every day, it is easy to cause bacteria, even hard knots of leather.

The reason is that leather, such as cow hide, sheepskin and pigskin, is mainly composed of protein, which is generally afraid of water. Always wipe with water, the leather will lose luster and softness after a long time. How to do the daily maintenance of leather sofa?

If only wipe off the dust, generally use dry cotton cloth, fine flannelette to wipe. If it is partially soiled, it can be cleaned with professional leather care agent. Avoid using harsh stain removers. Then every other month or two on sheep oil and other care and maintenance. In addition, the following are also suitable for cleaning:

1. Egg white: because egg white has polishing effect, wash sofa with egg white, can maintain leather, and make leather more bright. Clean the sofa with a piece of gauze or cotton cloth dipped in an egg.

2. Vaseline: Vaseline has a good cleaning effect on leather sofa. It is the most commonly used method. Apply Vaseline on sofa and scrub it with cloth.

3. Bailizhu: put some detergent or bailizhu on the gauze to clean the sofa.

Cleaning and maintenance of leather sofa

1. Clean the leather sofa once. When cleaning, first use the household vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture.

2. To avoid direct contact between oil stains, stains and human sweat and leather sofa, if water containing chemical reagents is accidentally spilled on the sofa, first use soft sea surface or cloth to absorb the water on the surface of the stains, then use wet cloth to wipe, and finally let it air dry naturally. Never use a blower to dry, so as to extend the service life of the sofa.

3. For the maintenance of the newly purchased leather sofa, first wash the wet towel with clear water, wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa after wring it dry, and then gently wipe the surface of the sofa with a care agent for one or two times, so as to form a protective film on the surface of the leather, so that the dirt in the future is not easy to penetrate into the pores of the leather, and then clean it later. It works best if time allows you to rub once a week.

4. To avoid direct sunlight on the leather sofa, so as not to cause discoloration and cracking of the leather sofa skin. As well as to avoid the direct contact between sharp objects and leather sofa, to prevent the surface of leather sofa from being scratched by sharp tools, resulting in irreversible effect.

5. To regularly oil leather sofa maintenance, dark leather sofa generally choose castor oil and cow's hoof oil to wipe, and cow's hoof oil to be extracted from cow's body. Light leather can be wiped directly with Vaseline.