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What are the causes of hair loss? What are the ways to alleviate the severe hair loss

Sihaiwang: hair loss has become a very important issue for young people. Many young people who have just entered 30 are facing the problem of hair loss, which is a headache. Why do young people lose their hair so easily now? The main reason is staying up late! In fact, every day less than 100 hair loss are normal, if the hair loss is very serious, then you need to take good care of Oh!

Less than 100 hair loss per day is normal

For the present post-90s young people, it has become a normal state to make and keep fit at the same time. Beer with wolfberry, stay up late, apply the mask and so on. And young age, hair loss has even become the most worrying post-90s. I'm worried about it. I'm going to lose my hair if I'm not 30 years old, right?

Hair loss

However, a doctor recently said that it is normal to lose less than 100 hair every day. As long as less than 100 hairs are lost every day, it's a normal metabolism, and you don't need to worry. At this level, it will not be bald for the time being. But in this way, don't you have to count how many hairs fall every day? If it doesn't exceed 100, you can continue to make it with confidence. If it exceeds 100, then & hellip; & hellip;

Doctors said that although it's not morbid to say no more than 100 pieces, if there's a kind of hair loss that doesn't grow any longer, the hair volume is obviously reduced, and even the scalp can be seen, it's really hair loss, so we should pay attention to it. We need to check whether there is something wrong with our body.


In addition, whether it is true or not, we should pay attention to the body to prevent hair loss. Otherwise, if you really lose your hair, it will be hard to remedy. To prevent hair loss, doctors also suggest that we should adjust our work and rest. When it's time to rest, rest and get enough sleep. Eat when you need to. Eat in a balanced way. Don't go on a diet to lose weight. When you need to wash, you should wash your hair well. You should also wash and protect your hair scientifically. You can't come here casually.

Hair loss is not the same as hair loss. Hair loss may be a normal metabolism, but hair loss is irreversible, and really hair loss will not grow again. So young people should be careful. Although I heard that it's normal to lose less than 100 hairs every day, if I don't pay attention to it, I may actually lose more than 100!

Less than 100 hair loss per day is normal

For the post-90s, hair loss is really a big problem. It's mainly related to daily routines and habits. We should pay more attention to hair loss. Although it's normal to lose less than 100 hair every day, you can't get away with it.

What's the reason for the bad hair loss

First of all, what we should know is that a common cause of hair loss is caused by too much mental pressure. Nervous tension, fear or severe insomnia will cause more or less neurological disorders. The capillary is in a state of continuous contraction, so the hair follicle can not get continuous blood supply, so the hair will fall easily.

Secondly, the life diet habit is not regular, also very easy to induce hair loss. Inadequate intake of daily diet, unbalanced nutrition and abnormal living habits will cause poor gastrointestinal function, which will affect the digestion and absorption of protein, vitamin and other nutrients, leading to severe hair loss.

In addition, there are many cases of hair loss caused by improper care. Many people like to wear hats. Over time, the blood vessels on the scalp will be compressed, resulting in poor blood circulation, lack of nutrients, hindering the growth of hair, resulting in serious hair loss.

How to massage the scalp after old hair loss

Scalp massage can promote blood circulation. If the blood circulation of the scalp is good, the hair follicle can obtain the necessary nutrients, promote the good growth of the hair, and prolong the life of the hair. Practice has proved that the scalp massage for about 5 minutes every day can promote blood circulation, which is better than a panacea

Keep scalp clean

The scalp is the 'soil' where hair grows. To care for hair, we must start from the scalp. Dirty scalp will not only cause hair loss, but also make new hair difficult to grow. So you have to keep your scalp clean. Choose a shampoo that suits you. The shampoo should not be too hot or too cold. Wash your hair with warm water once a day. It can remove dandruff and dirt in time. Some hair will fall off when washing, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not mind. About 70-100 hairs fall off naturally every day.

Relieve stress

Mental stress is one of the main causes of hair loss, so don't let stress build up. Smile more, don't worry. Every day, we should arrange some rest time, take part in proper physical exercises, listen to light music and talk with friends. Can help people relieve pressure, eliminate trouble. At the same time to ensure adequate sleep, before going to bed with hot water feet, not only energetic, but also conducive to the maintenance of hair.

Balanced diet

In daily life, pay attention to reasonable nutrition, balanced diet, not only good for health and longevity, but also can prevent hair loss. For example, fish, soybean, egg, lean meat, seaweed and shellfish, spinach, asparagus, banana and pig liver, which are rich in protein, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6, all play an important role in protecting hair and delaying aging. All spicy food, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and other irritants, as well as raw and cold food, will affect and hinder blood circulation; fat food can increase the oil secretion of the scalp, which should also be avoided. It's better to eat light food, and at the same time, stop smoking and drinking.