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What is the meaning of Freestyle of Wu Yifan

What's the meaning of Freestyle? Where does freestyle come from the era of micro blog and wechat has given birth to a lot of network terms. There are endless new words on the network. Recently, a freestyle has been swiping the screen everywhere to crush all kinds of obstacles. What? You don't know what is freestyle? The following editor will tell you!

What is the meaning of Freestyle of Wu Yifan

Do you remember Wang Feng's dream? In short, 'do you have a freestyle' is an upgrade of 'do you have a dream'. The person who created this Terrier is also familiar to us, that is, Wu Yifan, who claims to have no burden of idols, but can't be put away in any reality show.

From June 24, Wu Yifan's talent show "hip hop in China" with Zhang Zhenyue, MC hotdog and pan Weibai as mentors went online. (this article is edited and collated by, reprinted and noted with source, original link:

The four mentors are crazy about cool and evil & hellip; & hellip; to be honest, I only recognize Wu Yifan.

Wu Yifan, who plays soy sauce in various reality shows, seems to have finally found his right way to open it. In the program, when Wu Yifan was asked to assess the contestants in every shot, he would hear the soul's question: "do you have freestyle?" (this article is compiled and reprinted by, indicating the source, original link:

The first time: is there a freestyle?

Second time: can I have a freestyle by myself?

Third time: do you have freestyle?

On this frequency, who can remember 'do you have a dream'? I just want to ask, 'what is a freestyle? In fact, it's rap!

Why do you emphasize freestyle so frequently? Wu Yifan's answer is: freestyle is very important & hellip; & hellip; can see the players' Vocabulary & hellip; & hellip;

The netizens who can't be bothered by the bustle also keep up with it, and various freestyle expression packs come into being.

Even the stars in the circle.

Yesterday afternoon, Zhao Liying posted her lovely self portrait on Weibo. She just wanted to have a new look. Zhao, who publicized the new play, was forced to insert a freestyle expression pack.

Then came the question from the soul: do you have freestyle?