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How to wear a skirt with slight fat shoulder width the little fat girls in summer start to worry about what to wear again. Finally, it's the season to wear skirts. Skirts are women's favorite. Everyone wants to wear them well, but what about the bad figure? In life, many girls are suffering from shoulder width, and most of them belong to slight fat body, so how to wear skirts for this kind of body? Now I'll teach you how to choose.

How to wear a skirt with slight fat shoulder width

What kind of skirt should I wear with a slight fat shoulder

One line collar top

It's a wise choice to wear shoulder width and open shoulder clothes, but only one shoulder can be exposed properly. If two shoulders are exposed and your Sword Fairy can't see the end in wireless stretching, it will definitely show a broad sense of vision.

The horizontal neckline will also show the shoulder width, while the vertical neckline V-neck deep round neck can play a role in weakening the attention of the shoulder, making the wide shoulder narrower, and the vertical open collar can also show the height and thin, which is very suitable for the short girl.

puff sleeve

The cuffs are wrinkled to a certain extent. If the wrinkles of the sleeves are too obvious, they will not be thin, but also fat. The design of high-rise silhouette and edge closing is definitely a big taboo of wide shouldered mushroom cooling.

Padded shoulder cuffs

The shoulders and cuffs have been weighted. The shoulders are already wide enough. The design with shoulder pads shows that the clothes are thick and heavy, which makes the shoulders wide and thick visually.

No horizontal embellishment on shoulders

The horizontal ornament element of shoulder, the horizontal lotus edge above the chest, and the white contrast between the above chest and the blue thin horizontal bar are obvious, which widens the width of shoulder and chest, but it is very suitable for slip shoulder; while the vertical design of neckline or chest, which desalinates the width above the chest, does not show the width of shoulder and shows the thin and high at the same time.

Shoulder shrug

The clothes or skirts with high round collar can only flustered the cool wide shoulder of mushroom, not only can't alleviate the shoulder width from vision, but also can clearly see the broad shoulder.

What kind of skirt do you recommend for a slight fat shoulder

Lace skirt

If the style of lace is not selected, it is easy to have feel~ in fact, shoulder width is not terrible. It will be better to cover it with hard lace. The looming feeling of lace has the effect of 'deception'. As long as it fits, there will be no mistake!

Many girls with big skeletons don't dare to wear lace, but you don't need to worry about this dress at all. All the details are designed to avoid the minefield of the imperfect figure. It will only be more slim, exquisite and elegant black lace, A-shaped version, easily cover up the small fat, and make your figure more perfect!

Personalized printed split Mock Neck silk chiffon shirt

Simple design of chiffon shirt, simple, not simple, stand up collar turnbuckle, very classical taste. The version of the five quarter sleeve design is slim and thin, without too much decoration. A national style pendant can wear a good effect. Under it, a pure white pencil pants and small white shoes are worn. Youth is full of fashion and sexy, and even more slim. Wherever you go, you will become the focus of attention of the crowd. The feeling of stars holding the moon is super cool!

Waistband skirt

Please throw away the clothes without waist and straight tube.

Yes, girls with wide shoulders, first look at your wardrobe. Throw away all the clothes without waist and straight tube!

A belt, a dress with a mind can achieve the effect of waist thin, with the curve, the size of the shoulder is not so obvious Oh!

Shirt dress

The shirt skirt is easy to wear and match, and the shape of the neckline can most affect the visual appearance of the shoulder. So untie the two buttons of the shirt to expose the line of the neck extending the neck, which has the effect of covering the shoulders. Remember the style of shirt and skirt. Please keep your waist down!

V-neck dress

Collar is the key to win for girls with shoulder width. The design of V-neck can make shoulder visually shrink a lot. Remember that the first element of visual shoulder reduction is that the more you expose, the thinner you become. Small round neck and high neck are the forbidden areas for girls in shoulder style. Only wearing V-neck to show the neck line can effectively shift their attention.

Pleated Chiffon Dress

Bowknot Pleated Chiffon Dress and ruffle sleeves just hide the body defects of shoulder width. Bowknot decoration enriches the design of clothes, showing the sweet and lovely temperament. Loose version, with pleated style, easy to hide the body of small meat.

Black and white striped Chiffon Skirt

Who said that people with wide upper body can't wear stripes? Choose a close fitting black-and-white stripe chiffon skirt with a large round neck. It has a first-class self-cultivation effect. With a falling chain, it has a shrinking effect. With a flowing Chiffon black skirt, it brings mysterious and natural femininity. It's more fashionable to walk.