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How often does the filter element of automobile air conditioner need to be changed? What are the typ

Sihai network: there is a filter element in the air conditioner of the car, which can filter foreign matters, odor and moisture in the air, so as to make the air in the car more fresh. However, the filter element of the air conditioner will be dirty after using for a period of time. How often is it better to replace it?

How often does the filter element of automobile air conditioner need to be changed? What are the types of filter elements of automobile air conditioner

How often do I change the filter element of automobile air conditioner

Generally, the replacement of automobile air-conditioning filter element is based on the driving distance. Generally, the replacement cycle of filter element is 5000 km, and some air-conditioning filter elements are 8000 or even 10000 km. If you don't like this calculation, it is recommended to replace the air conditioning filter element once half a year, at least once a year. In areas with serious environmental pollution, it is recommended to replace it once every three months.

The function of automobile air conditioning filter element

1. Make the air conditioning grid close to the shell to ensure that unfiltered air will not enter the car interior.

2. The active carbon and other substances in it can absorb the air, moisture, soot, ozone, peculiar smell, carbon oxide, SO2, CO2, etc., and can strongly and permanently absorb the water.

3. It can separate dust, pollen, abrasive particles and other solid impurities in the air.

4. Ensure that the air inside the car is clean and free of bacteria, and create a healthy and comfortable riding environment. It can effectively separate the dust, core powder, abrasive particles and other solid impurities in the air, effectively intercept the pollen, and ensure that the driver and passengers will not have allergic reactions and affect the driving safety.

5. The filter element can filter the water, so that the car glass will not be covered with a layer of water vapor easily, so that the driver's vision is clearer and the driving is safer. It can provide fresh air for the driver's cabin, prevent the driver from inhaling harmful gas, ensure the safety of driving, and effectively sterilize and deodorize.

Classification of automotive air conditioning filter elements

At present, there are two kinds of air conditioning filter elements in the market: ordinary air conditioning filter and activated carbon series air conditioning filter.

1. General air conditioning filter

It is made of a special environmental protection filter material after being processed and folded, which is generally a white single layer. It can only prevent dust and particles from entering the vehicle, but not very much.

2. Active carbon series air conditioning filter

This is a kind of activated carbon filter cloth which is made of two non-woven fabrics (non-woven fabrics) and sandwiched with tiny granular activated carbon. After deep processing, it is made into an air conditioning filter. It can use the physical properties of granular activated carbon to absorb other small and more harmful substances in the air in a short period of time when the air passes through the choke. The filtering effect is much better than that of ordinary filter element.

Although the effect of activated carbon filter is better than that of ordinary filter, it also has disadvantages, such as easy blockage and short replacement cycle, so the car owner had better choose the air conditioning filter element according to their actual needs.