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What's the meaning of mieba's loudness? What's the origin of mieba's loudness

What's the meaning of mieba's loudness? What's the origin of mieba's loudness Recently, the global hit of Avenger alliance 3 has triggered a movie viewing craze. As the strongest villain of marvel, mieba is a topic that netizens are fond of talking about. It means that everyone has played a bad role in mieba. What is the meaning of mieba? Let's have a look.

More than 70 characters (including righteous and villains) of Marvel's bloody "Fu Lian 3" are the absolute protagonists. In addition to introducing his origin, his hometown Titan and how he was called "crazy Titan", he also includes his fetters with his adoptive daughter KAMORA and Nebula. The biggest bright spot is that he collects infinite gems, wears infinite gloves and casts his fingers to destroy marvel Zeus, manwei announced the official information about the ability and holders of these gemstones.

A ring finger, half of the universe, though exaggerated, is indeed there. Mieba wears infinite gloves, which are full of six infinite stones of time, space, soul, reality, soul and power. After a ring finger, half of the life in the universe suddenly disappeared without any sign. It is estimated that only mieba can do this.

Why does mieba ring his fingers

Playing the finger is just a way to release the skill. In the cartoon, in order to please the goddess of death, playing the finger with infinite gloves, wiping out half of the universe's life, not just the earth's, if not randomly, let him wipe out one by one, then killing the bully is not crazy! However, in the movie, Fu Lian 3 didn't elaborate, only saw that after mieba played his fingers, the gloves were burnt, and the rest didn't show anything, maybe it was the ability of the gem that was not stable!

Mieba bullet refers to the killing of half of the universe's creatures, which are random and in order. When they disappear at the same time, it is to create an atmosphere so that you don't know who will be next. But the director specially arranged that the characters of Fu Lian who died were all the following single film characters, so the little spider, Dr. strange, the Panther, the group of star and Jue, Bucky and the Falcon would definitely come back to life. The arrangement here obviously reduced the tears, and the elders of Fu Lian 1: iron man, Haoke, the United States team, Raytheon, black widow and Hawkeye.

In the film, almost all the heroes are severely damaged by the extermination of tyrants, and more and more heroes are dying out in the end of the film: spider man (you can't imagine), Scarlet Witch, black leopard, xingjue, destroyer, tree man grut, strange doctor, mantis, Falcon, Winter Soldier, etc. with the end of the film, the awakened Thor uses Thor's axe to cut his chest Hou, many heroes including vakanda's legion and villain's Legion have been reduced to ashes after the despot fled.