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What are the skills of using the second red butterfly sword

What are the skills of using the second red butterfly sword in the fifth personality, red butterfly is a new role of supervisor. This role is very strong. It has been loved by many butcher players since it was put online. Here's a small editor to share the small skills of a red butterfly's two in one quick attack. You can refer to them if you don't know yet!

Using skills of the fifth personality red butterfly two linked Swords

First of all, we need the red butterfly to fly separately in the sky. In the process of falling, we need to accumulate strength to attack. Then if we hit someone at this time, we can attack again. This is called Erlian Dao, because the life of the character of the survivor is two spaces. Our operation can directly hit the survivor on the ground and cause serious injury. It is very suitable for the start of the game Let's take the opposite by surprise.

When flying in the sky, if we are right on the head of the surviver, then we start to fall. At this time, we need to make good use of our energy storage to attack. If we grasp the opportunity, we can do good damage to it, so we can directly add a hit. So when we use red butterfly, we need to use this method reasonably to defeat the surviver very effectively.