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The king's glory, the invincible, the pure flesh, the disguise, the general's candor far surpasses Z the king's glory generals are the new heroes who have just come out of the news. According to the known data, the generals are not inferior to any mainstream tanks in terms of Tantu or control. Let's take a look at the general's related strategies with Xiaobian!

The king's glory, the invincible, the pure flesh, the disguise, the general's candor far surpasses Zhang Fei

[recommended for shipment]

Wings of redemption + feet of shadow tolerance + Red Lotus Cape + witch Cape + ominous signs (extreme cold storm) + anti injury stabbing armor

Analysis of the king's glory and the ministers' appearance:

Redemption wing: it can provide shield for teammates through active use, and greatly improve the protection ability with the control skills of generals. The passivity of redemption wing can help generals to provide additional experience and gold bonus when the economy or experience of the whole team is the lowest.

Foot of shadow tolerance: the king's movement speed of honoring his generals enables them to rush to the battlefield faster to support their teammates. In addition, the passivity of the foot of shadow forbearance can reduce the damage of general attack by 15% and the damage of passive skill.

Red lotus cloaks: make up for the generals' health value, armor and damage ability, because red lotus cloaks are the only defense clothing with damage ability in the king's glory, and the health value and armor are not low in Chengdu. They also have good effect in the face of enemy heroes with high armor.

Cloak of the Witch: it can resist the damage of the enemy mage's spells. The cloak of the witch provides high amount of spell defense and shield against the damage of spells.

The fifth and sixth equipment are relatively loose. You can choose the synthetic route according to the war situation. When the enemy mage is well-developed, you can choose to synthesize the eye of the immortal bird to improve the magic defense. When the enemy Archer and assassin are well-developed, you can choose the equipment with high armor, such as extremely cold storm, anti injury stabbing armor and ominous omen. The extremely cold storm and ominous omen can pass through Passively reduces the attack speed and movement speed of the enemy hero. Anti wound stabbing armor can return 15% of the physical damage it receives in the form of spell damage.

[inscription recommendation]

Level 5 inscription recommendation:

Blue longevity * 10 green balance * 10 red destiny * 10


This set of five level inscriptions has greatly increased the life value, physical and magic defense of the generals. In the early stage, it can play a significant life value bonus and damage reduction, and can improve the combat ability of the generals.

Be careful:

Players with insufficient glyphs of level 5 can use level 4 glyphs instead: Blue breeding, green potential, red violence.