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Can pregnant women eat cod liver oil? Pregnant women can eat cod liver oil for several months

Cod liver oil is the fat extracted from the liver of sharks and cod. It's yellow and fishy. It is used to prevent vitamin A and vitamin D deficiency, promote metabolism, enhance immunity, resist radiation and cancer, clear blood vessels and promote fat metabolism. When it comes to cod liver oil, we are familiar with it. Many people around us are eating it. Does that pregnant woman eat cod liver oil? What is the right way for pregnant women to eat cod liver oil? Let's take a look at the following.

How about cod liver oil for pregnant women

It is good for pregnant women to eat cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is rich in microelements, which is suitable for some pregnant women and infants. For pregnant women, cod liver oil can not only nourish but also prevent fetal defects. But no matter how good the cod liver oil is, in order to avoid the adverse consequences of taking it, it is necessary to eat it moderately and pay attention to taboos.

Benefits of proper cod liver oil for pregnant women

The cod liver oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D. the supplement of cod liver oil during pregnancy can reduce the occurrence of cold during pregnancy, promote the development of fetal bone and brain, and make the baby stronger after birth.

The main effect of cod liver oil on fetal development is that vitamin A can promote epithelial differentiation and maintain the health of skin and mucosa. Secondly, it can maintain normal vision and prevent night blindness and dry eye. In addition, it can also help the growth, development and recovery of the body tissues, and help the growth and health of the body tissues. The main function of vitamin D is to promote the absorption of calcium, calcify bone, ensure the normal development of bone and teeth, and maintain normal metabolism.

Vitamin A is found in the liver of animals, especially fish liver, followed by milk and eggs. The other is in the form of carotene in food, such as carrots, tomatoes, beans and green leafy vegetables, which is converted into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin D is mainly found in the liver of animals, especially in marine fish. The body takes vitamin D from sunlight and food.

The right way for pregnant women to eat cod liver oil

Swallow directly.

Cod liver oil is mainly to help promote the absorption of calcium by the human body. Most people's diet contains enough calcium, but some of them are not fully absorbed. Vitamin D in cod liver oil can promote the absorption of calcium, so it's OK to take it according to the instructions, without taking it more, once a day.