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How to play the frontier breakthrough game

Analysis of how to play border breakthrough

Four seas network: how to play king glory border breakthrough? Here's a detailed explanation of how to break through the border with King glory. I hope this detailed introduction can help you.

Egg one: different combat areas

Generally speaking, maps are different. It is said that they fight in megalopolis, and they have treasures and equipment. According to the previously exposed information, this new map should be as shown in the following figure: there are 26 cities in total, and the scale of each city is not the same, among which s city is the largest, located in the center of the map, and is also the key to win.

Egg 2: a new goal

Generally speaking, the winning conditions are not the same. It's no longer a normal tower pushing game, or a big crystal pushing game. According to the chicken eating method, the winning condition should be survival to the end, so the relationship between each player is very complex.

Egg three: mysterious power

In fact, this egg is well understood. Since it is a chicken eating mode, there must be a safe area. This mysterious force will gradually narrow this safe area until there is only one player or a team of players left.

Egg 4: a new skill

Since it's chicken eating mode, it must have randomness. Is it the skill to pick up? It should not be ~ it may be that there are new skills to acquire, or it may be the own skills of the exclusive equipment. If you acquire the equipment, you can acquire new skills.

This chicken eating mode (border breakthrough) is expected to be updated in the experience service this week or next week. If you have the experience service qualification, you can feel the new mode in advance. If you don't have experience service qualification, you may open a new number at the end of this month. When you get the qualification, you can play together.