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What is the ending of my first half of life? Does he Han like Tang Jing or Luo Zijun?

The TV play "my first half" has been popular since it was broadcast. The play is adapted from the original work of the same name of writer Yi Shu. So who is he Han with in the end of the TV play "my first half". According to the current spoiler, he Han is finally with Luo Zijun, so why does he Han break up with Tang Jing?

Luo Zijun, played by Ma Yili, is a woman with strong traditional family view. She always puts family first in her life, and even willing to give up her pursuit and dream.

And Luo Zijun's husband, Chen Junsheng played by Lei Jiayin, is a workaholic who only cares about making money to support his family and neglects his family. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

The first half of my life, an inspirational drama starring Ma Yili, Ledong and Yuan Quan, will be on Oriental TV and Beijing TV on July 4. The first half of my life is adapted from Yi Shu's novel of the same name. However, the hero Jin Dong's he Han doesn't exist in the original book. The prototype of he Han should be Zhai Youdao who changed his name in the original book.

In the novels of Yi Shu, a Hong Kong woman writer, Tang Jing, played by Yuan Quan, is a smart and capable white-collar woman. During the 15 years since Luo Zijun married and ran her family and children at home, she has worked hard from a small staff member to a small leader who can take charge of dozens of people. Besides the success of her career, Tang Jing has a stable boyfriend, he Han!

In the late stage of Luo Zijun's divorce, Tang Jing has always been the beacon of her mind and career. Luo Zijun has always been a full-time wife. Although he graduated from University, he can't keep up with the demands of the outside world at all. Therefore, he has opened a back door for him and delayed his relationship and got a job. But also because of this, Tang Jing's boyfriend he Han and Luo Zijun also had a dispute, and the three fell into a tangled love triangle! (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of, and if you need to reprint, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

He Han, played by Jin Dong, is mo Jiaqian in the original work. Tang Jing has been dating her for many years but has not thought of marrying her yet. In addition, they have split and closed many times.

All the people Tang Jing has always liked are he Han. He Han has a handsome appearance and elegant temperament. His career has been at its peak for many years in the workplace. He enjoys life with high taste. She has been in love with Tang Jing for many years, and she has become a strong woman in the workplace. But it seems that she is destined to be two very independent people, who are destined to go away.

As Tang Jing's best friend, Luo Zijun, originally a full-time wife with a high level of happiness, suddenly fell down in her life. However, Tang Jing helped her husband, he Han, a partner of investment bank, to help her get on the right track. From the beginning of all kinds of dislike for Luo Zijun to later start to appreciate, and unconsciously, it is quietly in love with the devoted Zijun, and this girl friend has gradually become its role of emotional enemy. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

As for Tang Jing, Tang Jing married Mo Jiaqian far away in the novel, and since then, the days that had been dependent on each other can only be left in memory and become a permanent concern. So in the end, Tang Jing, the woman who never married, also married as a wife.

In my first half of life, Jin Dong plays he Han, Tang Jing's boyfriend and a business elite. In the course of a business trip, I met Zijun, a woman who once again Yangfan, and was attracted. On one hand is his girlfriend, on the other hand is Zijun, which makes he Han hard to choose. Who does he Han like? Who did he choose to be with in the end?

The first half of my life is about a rebellious attack by Luo Zijun, a housewife abandoned by her husband. He Han is Luo Zijun's best friend's boyfriend. Finally, Luo Zijun pries her best friend's boyfriend. At the beginning, he Han liked Tang Jing, otherwise he would not be Tang Jing's boyfriend! But after Luo Zijun appeared, he Han was obviously overwhelmed by her spirit of self-reliance, and then he liked Luo Zijun!