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How to make a round face with a beautiful head

Sihaiwang: girls' hairstyles are very important to them, and girls' hairstyles are also changeable. Different hair styles, different temperament. But when the hot summer comes, it's a good choice. So how can I pierce the head of a meatball? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

How to make a round face girl's balls look good

In fact, different from other hair styles, it's better to have a little puffy hair. No matter it's a melon face or a round face, the ball head can be easily controlled, and it's absolutely a cute artifact. When the wind blows, the Beatles will change into Mei Chaofeng in minutes. You don't have to worry about walking in the wind with the balls!

Say that there are several key points of meatball head, tie high, fluffy, dew amount, broken hair, master these points to create a perfect meatball head hair style! Let's take a look at the ball head binding method tutorial!

Illustration of round face girl's ball head binding method

Tool: rubber band multiple black hair combs

Step 1: first, comb your hair with a comb to make it ready for binding at the back.

Step 2: lower your head and concentrate your hair on your head.

Step 3: this becomes a high ponytail, which is fixed with one hand.

Step 4: spread your hair like a flower.

Step 5: then divide the horse tail into two parts, grab one part and wind the rubber band clockwise.

Step 6: fix them one by one with small black hair clips.

Step 7: pick up the other part of the hair with one hand, and then twist it clockwise.

Step 8: wrap the straight end of the hair all the time to form a ball head, and fix it with a small black hairpin one by one, so that it can be finished.

The most charming and casual way to tie the head of a ball

Step1: fold up all the hair with your fingers, slightly fluffy the hair, and then tie it into a high ponytail. Pay attention not to pull out all the ponytail parts, and then hold the bun with one hand, and roll the ponytail end around the bun with the other hand.

Step2: after the ponytail is wrapped around the bun, the ponytail will be fixed with a hairpin, so a simple and casual ball head will be tied, and the fluffy ball head will be like a flower bud, isn't it particularly charming and temperament?

Diagram 2 of the binding method of random ball head

Step1: gather all the hair together and tie a high ponytail on the top of the head, then slightly run the hair on the top of the head, then lift up the ponytail, comb it with the comb to create a fluffy effect, and then circle the ponytail clockwise to form a ball.

Step 2: put on the pearl hair ornament that you like for the dish's head. The casual head becomes elegant and noble at once. Such a charming and casual elegant head will be particularly attractive for girls whether they attend the banquet or go to work.

Diagram 3 of the binding method of random ball head

Step 1: divide the hair, grab it by hand to make it messy and look more casual and natural, then evenly smear the hair with hair wax to make it smooth and smooth, and make the shape more durable and stable, and then tie up a low ponytail with a rubber band.

Step2: twist the ponytail up with your hand, roll it into a bun with a ball of hair, tie it with a rubber band and fix it, and then gently draw the hair in the bun with your hand to create a fluffy and messy beauty, which can add the charm of the bun.

Step 3: after the bun is done, handle the bangs with your hands. Pull it slightly to make the bangs appear light and fluffy, and leave some hair on your cheeks, so it looks more temperament. Just like a random low horsetail ball head, you will be in a good mood when you look at such a beautiful shape.

How to comb the head of Meatballs

It's really worth choosing the high meatball head that is fresh and not good. The full high meatball head with sweet air bangs is really good-looking, and lovely and aging reducing.

Sweet and playful half meatball head, small meatball head + shawl hair lovely age reduction, a little bangs in front of the forehead to modify the face more young, warm and healing with sweater.

Cute and playful double ball head, double ponytail into braids and then tied into a symmetrical bun, with air bangs cute and cute fried.

Symmetrical ball head shape, like the antlers of the deer, is the bun binding very festive? Come and get this one for Christmas.

It's a fashionable and playful meatball head. When binding the meatball head, it specially leaves a little broken hair to decorate and make it more lovely. It's warm and fashionable to tie the hair belt, which is suitable for girls with soft hair.