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Can I pay for five insurances and one fund by myself

Can I pay for five insurances and one fund by myself with the improvement of people's culture and skills, when people choose to work, the wage standard is no longer a single choice condition. Many guarantees will be considered, such as five insurances and one gold. Five insurances and one gold is a social treatment jointly undertaken by employees and work units. So many friends want to ask, can five insurances and one gold be paid by themselves Information for your reference, 2017 five insurance one gold individual can pay!

"Five insurances" refers to five kinds of insurance, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance; "one fund" refers to housing accumulation fund. This article is edited and collated by Please indicate the original link of the Reprint:

The endowment insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance in the five insurances and one fund are jointly paid by enterprises and individuals, while the industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance are entirely borne by enterprises. Individuals do not have to pay.

The above is the popularization of knowledge. Next, it analyzes the role of five insurances and one fund:

Five insurances and one fund are the indemnificatory treatment given by the company where the employees work. The accumulation fund is not only a way for individuals to avoid taxes, but also a way to increase their income. Therefore, when dealing with it, employees generally strive for it actively.

Among them, endowment insurance, payment proportion: if the unit chooses not to pay 20% (all are transferred into the overall planning fund) and the individual 8% (all are transferred into the individual account), the employee will not enjoy the treatment of receiving the basic pension according to the prescribed plan and so on monthly after old age, but can enjoy the endowment insurance if he / she has received the condition of paying endowment insurance for more than 15 years accumulatively and reaches the legal retirement age Dangerous treatment. Therefore, in the long run, we need to urge the company to pay. This article is edited and collated by Please indicate the original link of the Reprint:

The proportion of medical insurance payment: 8% for the unit and 2% + 3 yuan for the individual. Everyone has different opinions on this type of insurance. However, nowadays, the living environment is changing a lot, the probability of illness is obviously increased, and the age of serious illness is also tending to be younger. Therefore, if the basic medical insurance is not paid, the health insurance of employees will become weak. Therefore, the disadvantages of not paying this insurance are greater than the advantages, After all, it's the degree of company and individual coming together that reduces the cost of personal medical insurance to a certain extent.

The provident fund is composed of two parts, one part is paid by the unit where the employee works, the other part is paid by the individual of the employee. After the individual of the employee is withheld by the unit, it is paid into the individual account of the housing provident fund together with the part paid by the unit. Pay attention to the conditions for collecting provident fund, but the money in the personal account should not be underestimated. For example, if the individual pays 500 yuan every month, the company will also pay 500 yuan. If the salary lasts for 3 years in a company, the total amount = (500 + 500) * 12 * 3. If the house purchase or other conditions for collecting are also a large amount, and when the conditions for collecting are met, the company can directly apply for monthly collecting, and timely collect it , personal deposit of 500, and then monthly claim of 1000. This article is edited and collated by Please indicate the original link of the Reprint: