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Rockets beat warriors 127-105 to draw 1-1

Rockets beat warriors 127-105 to draw 1-1 on May 18, in the G2 game of NBA western finals yesterday, the Rockets won the warriors 127-105, changing the score to 1-1.

In addition to the big win, the Rockets got another piece of good news. Michael Porter, the hot rookie who will attend the draft convention this summer, confirmed publicly in his latest interview that he has met with nine teams including the rockets and the Cavaliers, and the Rockets are very appreciative of the young talent.

Porter, who is about to turn 20, is 2.08 meters tall and can cut down 20 + 14 data per game. He has a strong lethality in the front line. Durant is his development template, and he is also known as "little Durant". There are a lot of super talents in this draft, such as Aton, Bamba, dongqiqi and trejan, who are likely to be in front of little Potter. At present, in the predicted rankings given by major websites, Porter is likely to rank 5-9, and is likely to be selected by the Cavaliers with No. 8 signature.

Rockets in this year's draft conference no first round sign available, second round sign is ranked 46, there is no possibility to draw small and medium-sized porter. However, if the small and medium-sized porters are willing to trade, the Rockets can still come up with good chips, such as Anderson with 20 million high salary, young interior aonuaku, and the first round of the future.