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How to match loose T-shirts in summer? How to match loose T-shirts with pants

Sihaiwang: summer is the season to wear T-shirt, loose T-shirt is a better choice. But some people think it's not a good match, so what pants does a loose T-shirt go with? May as well and small make up understand next!

How to match loose T-shirt with oversizit T-shirt + small black pants + sandals in summer

In fact, this kind of matching is very suitable for tall girls. It can adjust the body proportion very well. The green T-shirt is not only thin, but also aging. It's very leg like to match a small black pants. It's more casual to match a pair of flat sandals than a pair of high heels~

Oversizit T-shirt + tight pants + small white shoes

When it comes to oversizi T-shirts, we think of street style. What else can we think of when we talk about street style? Of course, the pants with holes ~ do you think they are perfect for this analysis? It will be very sunny to choose a bright T-shirt. The street wind will be full when you wear the tight pants with holes, and the fashion sense will rise a lot when you put on the hot little white shoes ~ the pants in front of the T-shirt show the leg length~

Oversizit T-shirt + shorts + baseball cap + sneakers

This should be the most correct way to open the oversizit T-shirt. Cover the shorts with a loose T-shirt and match them with a pair of sneakers. In fact, it's a very simple match. It doesn't pick people at all. Take a colorful baseball cap as the finishing touch. It must be very high in the crowd~

Oversizit T-shirt + baggy pants + sneakers

As I have said before, loose T-shirt and ripped pants match well, but many little fat girls will think tight ripped pants are too fat ~ then change them to loose ones ~ loose white T with loose ripped pants can be said to be very meat concealing ~ little fat girls can easily control ~ match them with sports white shoes, and there is some academic atmosphere in the street style, which is super beautiful~

Oversizit T-shirt + leather skirt + Short Boots

Is this style completely different from the one in front? The Queen's temperament is full. In fact, most of it is the contribution of leather skirts and short boots. This is a small skill. When the T-shirt is put into the lower garment, the style can be changed at will with the matching style. Whatever style you like, you can try more~

Oversizit T-shirt + black jeans + sneakers

This should be a very simple match. No matter what size, height, or even whether it's students or office workers, you can wear it. Without too many skills and colors, it's OK. Black and white is the best match. It's OK whether it's daily or out of the street, school or party~

Oversizit T-shirt + suit pants + small white shoes

Suit pants are not ordinary formal clothes now, but popular items nowadays. They are mixed with oversizit T-shirt. They are casual but elegant and very good-looking. They are very suitable for office workers. Oh, they are also fashionable when they go out of the street. If it's a white T-shirt with small white shoes, it's very good, no matter with high-heeled shoes or leather shoes~

Oversizit T-shirt + suit pants + small white shoes

A lot of people think it will be very monotonous with a white match, in fact, it will not. Because there will be a certain color difference in the fabric, but there will be some sense of hierarchy, and you can choose a printed T-shirt or a short skirt with a sense of design, so it will not be monotonous at all ~ with sandals, ladies and sandals, little fairies can try it~

What pants does loose T-shirt match loose T-shirt + wide leg pants

The first thing to say is that in recent years, the most popular pant single product wide leg pant, with its thin hidden meat and casual nature, is absolutely the first choice for matching with loose T-shirt. Moreover, it is super fashionable and does not pick people. It chooses the model style for leisure. Ladies with a sense of sagging can match according to their own preferences~

Loose T-shirt + jeans

Jeans should be available to every girl, no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's a good choice to choose a thin pair of jeans with a loose T-shirt in summer. It looks fashionable and leisure. If you're afraid to show up, you can put the bottom of your clothes in your pants, and then your legs will grow longer~

Loose T-shirt + casual shorts

Whether it's denim shorts or shorts made of other fabrics, it's very nice to wear them with loose T-shirt. You can hide your pants in the T-shirt, or put the hem of your clothes in your pants. It's totally different. I'll try it soon~

Loose T-shirt + casual straight pants

This kind of loose and loose clothing is not suitable for everyone. Small people can't control it, but it's really super good-looking. It shows the leisure feeling of loose T-shirt to the extreme. It's really fashionable to wear a hat~

Loose T-shirt + Sweatpants

In fact, T-shirt not only has a sense of leisure, but also has its own sports properties. It looks very active when it is matched with sports pants. Especially, sports pants feel full of energy. A medium length sports T-shirt can be matched with a pair of sports tights, which is very beautiful~

What kind of cloth is short sleeve T-shirt good for ordinary pure cotton

Now most of the T-shirts on the market are made of ordinary pure cotton. Its biggest feature is sweat absorption! So many people will choose pure cotton fabric when they buy it. It's not only sweat absorbing but also comfortable to wear. However, it's very poor in straightness, especially easy to wrinkle and deform. So if you can't accept its shortcomings, give up it~

Mercerized cotton

This kind of fabric belongs to pure cotton fabric, which is processed by special processing procedures. It belongs to high-quality knitted fabric, which not only completely retains the natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has a certain sense of luster, such as silk, soft, moisture absorption and air permeability, some elasticity and some draping, which makes it very comfortable to wear and looks very tasteful. It's worth choosing~

Pure cotton double mercerized fabric

The production process of this fabric is complex, not to mention much. But after a series of finishing, the fabric produced has clear lines, novel and beautiful colors, and is very glossy and beautiful. The hand feel is also special smooth, better than mercerized cotton, but the price is also higher. You can consider starting with it when the economic ability is available~

Super high count cotton

The T-shirt of this fabric is relatively few, because the price is very expensive ~ the price of the pure cotton T-shirt fabric of 120 yarns has reached 170 yuan per kilogram, while the price of the pure cotton T-shirt fabric of 200 yarns is even higher, almost more than 3000 kilograms, while the pure cotton T-shirt fabric of 250 yarns needs 1800 pounds, the key is that China has not yet produced the technology of this fabric. So the general economic level does not consider starting with~