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When is 618 Jingdong? How cheap can 618 be

Sihaiwang: what day is 618 in Jingdong? How much cheaper can Jingdong 618 be? For the upcoming 618 promotion, many e-commerce platforms are doing activities. What's the date of 618? How much cheaper can it be? What's the special significance of 618? Let's learn about it!

When is 618 Jingdong? How cheap can 618 be

What day is 618?

First of all, I want to tell you that June 18, which we call 618, is not a festival or a memorial day. If you don't pay attention to e-commerce, this day is a normal day.

In fact, every June is Jingdong's shop day, and every June 18 is Jingdong's shop day. Jingdong will launch a series of large-scale promotional activities in the store's celebration month, with "fiery June" as the publicity point, of which June 18 is the largest day of Jingdong's promotional efforts.

OK, now that we know this, let's talk about why major e-commerce companies are carrying out "618" as a big promotion or sale. The reasons are as follows:

June 18 is actually the anniversary of Jingdong. Before 2013, Jingdong set June 18 as its annual celebration. On this day, it carried out promotions and various activities, which undoubtedly brought great pressure on other e-commerce. In 2013, Jingdong's store celebration even shouted the slogan of "618" to the whole country, and a series of chain reactions occurred, no matter in local supermarkets or major e-commerce and manufacturers Open the 618 promotion. And competitors tmall, Taobao, Suning, patting and a series of e-commerce tycoons are also chasing and blocking, opening their 618 activities.

In this way, every year, June 18 becomes a time for major e-commerce to compete and promote sales. It's also very easy to think about it, because if you don't engage in activities, if others do, the competitiveness will certainly be greater than you. In this way, June 18 becomes a big day of e-commerce. And it's just the summer coming, and the student party's army has made 618 in full swing.

How much cheaper can Jingdong 618 be

1. Laoliu special session of Jingdong shopping mall: update the rush to buy goods from time to time, and there are exclusive prices for members

2. Book certificate of Jingdong Mall: over 300 minus 130

3. Jingdong shopping mall third party pass ticket: 100% for 399, 50% for 199

4. Jingdong Mall hardware fittings: over 400 minus 60, over 800 minus 150, over 1500 minus 300

5. Jingdong Mall keyboard and mouse: 15 for every 99

6. Jingdong shopping mall 20 yuan home textile Cash Voucher: open at 10 o'clock every day, limited to 10000 pieces

7. Jingdong shopping mall electric seckill special session: update good price commodities from time to time

8. Jingdong shopping mall digital special session: iPad 2 irregular 1999 yuan rush

9. Bags in Jingdong Mall: 20 yuan cash coupon, limited quantity, only after receiving