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2018 the latest Korean lovely series of Manicure summer is coming unconsciously. A beautiful manicure can add a touch of freshness to the hot summer. So the little fresh and lovely style of Manicure will definitely become popular this year. Korean style manicure is indispensable. Let's take a look at the most popular Korean manicure pictures in 2018.

2018 most popular Korean manicure picture Daquan

In the warm spring and summer, these two styles have become a trend, unstoppable.

Gray with aunt red simple jump color enhancement, looking very common, when the classic is not out of date, with what clothes are suitable. It is suggested to make a partial round nail, which is also suitable for short fingernails.

It's a simple, cold and cool Korean manicure. It's matched with check and mocha color in the middle. It's very white and doesn't pick people. This one is more everyday. It's OK to go to work and school.

Korean small bubble cat eye enhancement, but listen to the name, it's already very beautiful. The color of cat's eye is light bean powder and champagne gold. The shell a is the shell piece with milk white background and white color flash. The overall color is gentle and natural. I like it very much!

Most of the girls can't resist the immortal Korean manicure. Especially when you get married or take photos, this one will definitely make you a bright spot.

Orange and orange jump color, super summer manicure, I like it very much anyway. So how about you?

A super gentle manicure, three fingers red, and two of them add the effect of halo dye, and then with some decorations, it's really too much love to extricate itself.

It's a beautiful star and moon manicure. It's also a style that girls will definitely try this year. First hand is not the general beauty. It's the best match to wear skirt in summer.

This is a white and translucent Korean manicure, simple to no longer simple, but also has a unique temperament, good-looking and versatile.

This is my friend's wedding photo. The light color and the decoration of stars and moon are very beautiful, and the effect of taking photos is also very good.

I always prefer Korean style manicure, which is simple but exquisite, but it also requires a high level of craftsmanship and craftsmanship of manicurists. This one is simple but unique.

I believe that countless girls love this manicure at first sight. The decoration is super small and fresh. Anyway, I also like it inexplicably. It's good to get started!

Invincible exquisite manicure, the fairy who likes manicure must not miss this one, simple but not elegant.

You have to love Korean manicure picture 2018 style comes, Korean manicure is very suitable for us girls who love beauty and fashion, so next time you can try Korean manicure yo!

The latest model of 2018 manicure pictures

This manicure is mainly in green color, with transparent nail, it is very delicate, and it is also a perfect manicure for the new year~

Red brown is a very popular manicure color this year. It is very white. It will look good no matter how it is matched.

This year's very popular style is the combination of shiny and frosted armour. After matching with dark green, it is white and advanced.

Pumpkin color was very popular in the second half of 2017, and it was still popular at the beginning of this year. With marble manicure pattern, it has a feeling of Japanese style.

No matter when red is popular, it's always popular and classic. It's very white to start with. The fairy like it can try it bravely.

Ginger is the most popular color recently, with simple and fresh jokes, it gives people a kind of elegant feeling, very artistic.