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What color do you want your hair to be white? What color do you want your hair to be young

Sihaiwang: in daily life, it is very common for girls to dye their hair with a beautiful color. But many people are confused about hair dyeing. They don't know which hair color suits them. Which hair color will look white and which will look young. So today, I might as well come with Xiaobian to understand how to choose the right hair color.

What color does hair dye low key black tea

Black tea color is more lustrous than natural black, and much darker than general brown. The color is cold, so there is no doubt that it is white!

Compared with the previous pure black hair color, black tea color has more gray brown tone, which virtually adds a sense of liveliness to power.

Following the steps of power, Reba also changed her hair color to black tea. It neutralizes her beautiful and profound facial features and looks more comfortable and low-key.

Ni Ni always has straight black hair. After dyed with black tea color, her hair has more layers under the effect of light, so no matter in street photography or in large films, it makes her feel advanced.

It's hard to say what kind of color black tea is suitable for. The big cousin of healthy color, the little sister of wheat color, or the white Yu Feihong, with black tea color, are not abrupt.

Black tea color is very practical, and it is also very good to match with clothes. The girlish style and Yujie style can switch freely.

Black tea color is more white skin, dark skin color is suitable for girls, it is very low-key indoors, in the sun is good-looking Brown tea, to achieve a fog effect, let this hair color more texture.

Or on the basis of black tea, add a little caramel to turn it into Mocha black tea, which is easier to add points to your modeling.

Compared with black tea, it is more colorful, but still low-key. The caramel color added makes the whole hair color have the sweet feeling of light maturity.

Caramel color

The so-called Caramel hair color, which is between flax and mocha, has a very fashionable brightness but does not make public. It can play a good role in improving the yellow skin color of Asian women.

At the same time, it is also the most recommended color for T-stage models and fashion bloggers in autumn and winter 2017. Different styles can be created in different occasions with different light, and sometimes it is fashionable and high-quality.

This year's most popular Caramel hair color is really beautiful in winter! Warm and lazy style! Especially this hair color is very prominent temperament, is a favorite hair color of female stars!

The elegant caramel color is one of the most popular hair colors in Japan, and it is also the most popular color accepted by the public. This Caramel hair color doesn't pick skin color very much, but it's also the same foreign style.

Caramel color can bring people a strong sense of sweetness, add a little tenderness, and give people a warm feeling invisibly.

Simple volume can present elegant hair style and easily have a fresh and natural lady image.

Flax chocolate

Actually, Xu lu'er, a Taiwanese 'frozen girl' who was very popular a while ago, was the first to know the color of flax and chocolate. Her skin color was a little bit more healthy, and her hair color was healthy and energetic.

No matter how long your hair is, and no matter how different your skin color is, you can also control this smart hair color, because flax acrylic color has no big shortcomings besides low-key.

To be honest, this color between chocolate and flax not only keeps the warmth of chocolate color, but also has flax color. It's perfect with long curly hair.

Long curly hair with air bangs and flax chocolate color, not only natural, but also girlish.

Yellow leather can also control the color of flax and chocolate, and it can also wear a variety of hats when matching, fashionable and temperament.

Apply lipstick, whitening effect will be better.

Dark brown

Dark brown red is a charming and sexy color, which is more westernized and younger than the common wine red.

Many people subconsciously think that dark brown red is too bright to try, but in fact, we are born with black hair and not too over dyed red, on the contrary, yellow skin dyed this kind of dark red is very good for skin color.

Dark brown red is very delicate, even a little sharp, so it is more suitable for Asian soft facial features.

Tong Liya, whose skin is not very white, has also dyed dark brown red. Xiao Bian thinks that this is the most suitable hair color for her, and her skin color is very bright.

This is really a super white hair color. The hair color is bright and popular. If it's a fairy with short hair, you can design a big C hair tail, which is fashionable and improves your temperament.

If you add a little more golden yellow in the dark brown red, it will add some retro and melancholy temperament. It's better to avoid the yellow skin, which is more suitable for the fairies with white color.

What color does hair dye to show youth, golden brown hair

Jiang Shu Ying

The complexion of jiangshuying is white, and the black hair jiangshuying on the left is super ordinary, a little 'passerby's face'! White complexion also appears pale unhealthy!

After dyed with & lt; golden brown & gt; hair, Jiang Shuying's overall skin color has warmed, becoming more natural and beautiful.

Red chestnut

Tang Yan

Tang Yan in the picture on the left has black hair and looks too mature! Tang Yan dyed & lt; red and chestnut & gt; and then became super white! By contrast, Tang Yan, who has dyed red and chestnut, is several years younger, right.

In order to let the baby not step on the minefield, Tiantian today recommends four natural hair colors & lt; super white & gt;, let's dye a suitable hair color for 2018!

Chestnut brown

≪ Chestnut Brown & gt; is super suitable for Asian girls' skin color and winter dyeing!

Whether your complexion is white or dark yellow, chestnut brown can brighten your complexion and make your complexion look better.

Match it with the popular 'net red hair style' -- air feeling C roll, don't be too airy~

Hair color is special, hair style is gentle, this' net red hair style 'doesn't fire!

General hair shop can dye chestnut brown, do not need to float, directly on the color ok! Not hurt hair ~

Dark coffee color

If you think black hair is too monotonous, & lt; dark coffee & gt; will be a good choice for you.

A very low-key hair color, only in the light, can see the coffee color.

It can be said to be a low-key, atmospheric color.

Reddish brown

Reddish brown is a sweet push! This hair color who dye who knows, did not dye red brown not good-looking not show white.

Long hair and short hair are OK. The girl with short hair has dyed reddish brown, which will show that your hair quality is particularly good.

Red brown super white, especially suitable for girls with yellow skin, even if you are plain, dyed red brown can also make your skin white a degree.

Yellowish brown

In the picture below, Jiang Shuying dyed & lt; Yellow Brown & gt; hair color, which is super suitable for daily life, all the year round, and also very good for matching clothes.

Whether it's white skin, yellow skin, long hair or short hair, you can control this yellow brown, which will be particularly good-looking and on camera in the light.

Red brown and yellow brown belong to brown series, they look very similar! A partial red a partial yellow, the skin color partial yellow baby chooses the partial red department as far as possible!

Popular hair style and color in 2018 dull blue is popular in hair dyeing in 2018

Hair style: big C short

It's really recommended for girls with short hair to try this dull blue hair dye. The hair color looks like it has a small and fresh feeling, and it also makes people very fashionable. After dyeing, they will never regret it.

Warm brown in 2018

Hair type: medium long hair

The middle and long hair with half ties really has a sweet smell. It also distributes with the air and bangs. The warm brown dyed also enhances the whole shape with a lot of sweetness. It is white and sweet.

Dark chocolate in 2018

Hair style: shoulder length hair

Do you want a low-key hair color? This dark chocolate color is worth choosing. Besides low-key, it can also set off the skin to be tender and white, and the age of Qi Liu Hai is also lovely.

Black hair color is popular in 2018

Hair style: shawl

In fact, the black hair color is also very good-looking. It's very suitable for this kind of shawl hairstyle. It's particularly beautiful when the hair is scattered on the shoulder at will. From the side, it's even more murderous~

2018 hair color brown grey

Hairstyle type: short hair with full mouth

Short hair with one mouth is a popular short hair this year. Is it very fashionable when dyed with dark gray? It's not beautiful when one side of the hair is pulled to the back of the ear. It's also light and mature.

2018 hair dyed in golden brown

Hair style: low ponytail

The fashionable Golden Brown must be one of the popular hair colors this year. The warm hair color is very healing, and it is also a good hair color with skin color.