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When will Samsung note 9 be released? What are the upgrades of Samsung note 9 configuration

Samsung Note Series, always so attractive 'attention', calm is never the thing. In 2018, note 9 will be launched in the note series. As for the attention this mobile phone will bring, I want to see the real experience you will understand.

The two flagship products released by Samsung every year have attracted great attention. After the launch of Galaxy S9 at the beginning of this year, users' attention has focused on note 9 in the middle of this year. However, due to the lack of new ideas in the design of Samsung flagship in recent years, the sales volume of note 8 released last year and S9 released this year did not meet the expectation, and the market share in China was also a bit bleak.

In order to deal with this situation of worrying sales volume, Samsung is likely to enlarge its recruitment in advance, and this time Samsung Galaxy note 9 may be released in advance. Recently, it has been reported that Samsung has mass produced OLED screens in April. In addition, the national bank all Netcom version of Samsung note 9 has also passed the radio transmission model standard. Various signs indicate that this new flagship will soon meet us.

From the previously exposed news, the forehead and chin of Samsung Galaxy note 9 have been compressed to the extreme, and the screen share has been further improved compared with S9, and the earpiece has also been lengthened. In terms of configuration, note 9 will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 mobile platform processor and exynos9810, 6.38 inch full view curved screen, 6GB storage starting, and battery capacity of 4000mAh. I don't know if Samsung's brand new flagship can help Samsung reverse sales.