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Can you bring strawberries to the plane? Can pregnant women eat strawberries

Strawberry is one of the most popular fruits in summer. Strawberries are very nutritious fruits, delicious and healthy, but many people don't know whether strawberries can be brought on the plane, so can strawberries be brought on the plane? Can strawberry be consigned? Let's have a look!

Can I have strawberry on the plane

Strawberries can be taken on the plane, and can not be more than 5 jin. There is no weight limit for shipment! Here are the things you can't take with you by plane:

1. As we all know, weapons, military or police weapons and controlled knives, which are not allowed to be consigned or carried, will only be confiscated.

2. Inflammable and explosive articles: lighter, firecracker, fireworks, alcohol and other inflammable and explosive articles are obviously neither portable nor consignable.

3. Other prohibited articles expressly stipulated by the state: except the above-mentioned articles, the prohibited, restricted and dangerous articles stipulated by the state and airlines shall not be carried along with the sound or checked by luggage.

4. Tea drinks: tea drinks are not allowed to be carried on the plane. When entering the security check, all the liquid in the cup must be poured out.

5. Tip: of course, a small amount of wine can't be carried on the plane, it can only be checked.

6. Fruit knife: generally, a fruit knife with a blade of no more than 6cm can only be checked in luggage and not carried with you.

7. Cell phone battery: the cell phone battery can only be carried in the cell phone and not checked in luggage.

8. Cosmetics: for women, the requirements for cosmetics are also quite strange. For cosmetics with a capacity of more than 100ml, it is recommended to put cosmetics in luggage for shipment.

9. Radio: the radio can't be put in the luggage check-in. I once saw a friend's checked luggage was taken out by the security check.

10. Note: due to the national and airline regulations on the items carried by passengers on the aircraft will be adjusted

How to choose solid strawberries

Let's see how to choose strawberries after we know whether strawberries can be brought to the plane

The weight of hollow strawberries is much lighter than that of solid strawberries. Therefore, there is a great difference in the feel of the strawberries. The selection of larger and heavier strawberries can avoid hollow strawberries.

The normal mature strawberry has a strong aroma, and the hormone ripened strawberry has a very light fragrance. The smell can also exclude the hollow strawberry.

Ripening strawberries have many irregular shapes. Choosing heart-shaped or round strawberries can also avoid hollow strawberries.

Can pregnant women eat strawberries

Pregnant women can eat strawberries. Strawberries are rich in amino acids, fructose, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, pectin, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. These nutrients and minerals have a very good role in promoting growth and development, and are of great benefit to the elderly and children.

During pregnancy, many mothers have symptoms of gum bleeding, which is a lack of vitamin C. Foreign scholars have found that every 100 grams of strawberry contains c50-100 mg vitamin, more than 10 times higher than apples and grapes. Scientific research also confirmed that vitamin C can eliminate the relaxation and tension between cells, make the structure of brain cells firm, skin delicate and elastic, and have an important impact on brain and intellectual development. After eating some strawberries, it can decompose food fat and help digestion.

However, pregnant women should pay attention to the right amount of strawberries. It is not recommended to eat non seasonal strawberries. Strawberries planted through the greenhouse contain certain hormones, which are not harmful to the fetus. A small amount of strawberries is not a big problem, but they cannot be consumed in large quantities. In addition, the selection of strawberries also needs to be smooth, and do not choose the ones with strange shapes.