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How to wear a cake skirt? What's the best way to wear a cake skirt

Sihaiwang: summer is coming, and it's time for girls to wear skirts. And no girl can resist the cake skirt. So how to choose a cake skirt for you? Black cake skirt is very popular, not only fashionable, but also very figure. How to match the black cake skirt? May as well and small make up to understand next!

Will cake skirt show short legs

Cake skirt is definitely one of the elements that our fairies like. It's a retro court style and highlights the characteristics of girlhood. This year, I'm embarrassed to go out without wearing a cake style design

I have a short leg and long waist. I'm afraid of exposing my body defects when I wear clothes. I have to worry about buying clothes every time. I can't choose the right clothes until I see them for a long time

See this skirt really meet all my requirements, love at first sight! Big and thick legs, small and short legs are all hidden. With the same color system of bra, I feel my fashion has flown several levels! I am drunk!

How to match black cake skirt with contrast sweater + Black Lace cake skirt + small white shoes

The thick and soft sweater can be worn as a coat. The black cake pleated skirt can't be too boring. I wear small white shoes on my feet. It's totally academic. If the fairy likes it, she can choose such a match at work or at school.

Irregular black cake skirt + solid T-shirt + white canvas shoes

The black cake skirt is very layered, the high waist design is very thin, and it will not appear bloated. Wearing a simple dark red solid T-shirt, plus the support of small white shoes, it is simple but not simple and fresh!

One piece black cake skirt + sneakers

The one-piece BLACK PLEATED cake skirt seems to be very intellectual and generous. The layered one-piece cake skirt, with black sneakers, is elegant and aging reducing. If fairies like this look, get it quickly~

BLACK PLEATED cake skirt + Blazer + white canvas shoes

The small business suit's blessing, has the neutral wind very much, but also matches with the black lace cake skirt, that is the sexy and the handsome union completely, just and softly merge, on the foot a pair of canvas shoes, really super invincible age reduction, does not want too young model!

Who is suitable for cake skirt

Fit: tall and thin

The most basic style of cake skirt is still to say the splicing style, simple and clear cloth, without too much exterior decoration, and the lower body is made of layers of cloth, which not only creates a rich visual sense, but also gives a clean feeling. It is recommended to wear it for people who are slim and tall!


Fit for body: small, thin and tall

The layered net yarn creates a complete sense of hierarchy. It looks delicate with small transparent rich lace. First, no matter what style of lace cake skirt it is, it has a good romantic style. It is recommended to wear it for fairies who are over 155 in height and a little slim, because lace is not thin!

Cake skirt

Fit: tall and thin

As the sexy responsibility of the cake skirt family, the cake skirt can be said to be too beautiful to have friends. It has a high waist and tassel temperament, which makes the whole leg longer. The body curve is perfect. But if your leg is not very long, it will appear fat and short. Be careful!

Cake dress

Suitable for tall, thin and chubby

The bottom layer of the net skirt with very clear layers is sexy, and the delicate and gorgeous lace is as attractive as a layer of gold foil. It's needless to say that the thin effect of the strip black can be worn by the fat fairy! Temperament has also been blessed, more dignified and moving.