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What are the functions and effects of banana peel when it comes to bananas, I'm sure you are all familiar with them. They are one of the most popular fruits. As we all know, it is a fruit with high nutritional value, and it is convenient to eat. You can eat it directly by pulling out the banana skin. That's why many people throw away the pulled banana skin directly when eating bananas. In fact, it's a great waste for bananas. Because the banana skin is all treasure, it's a pity to throw it away.

1. Banana peel can clean teeth

Banana peel is rich in magnesium, potassium and other minerals, which can be absorbed by teeth, so as to whiten teeth. Every day, put the inside of the peeled banana skin on the teeth and rub it gently, once in the morning and once in the evening, and then brush your teeth as usual after ten minutes. It will not take long to see the whitening effect obviously.

2. Bananas can erase ink

From the time we went to school, we knew that as long as the ink was put on the clothes, it would be difficult to clean, and it was often rejected by parents. Now don't worry about it. One move. As long as you use the banana peel to rub back and forth on the ink, this is because the banana peel contains natural oil, which can play a good role in removing oil after meeting with the ink.

3. Banana peel can remove oil stains

As a heavy pollution base, the kitchen is often bothering every housewife to remove the oil by all means. Now I want to tell you a simple way, which is to use the rough surface of banana peel to wipe the oil, which can play a very good role in decontamination.

4. Banana peel can treat skin pruritus

Basically everyone has itching skin, especially those who are prone to allergic constitution, often can not get effective treatment, in fact, banana peel can be easily solved. Banana skin contains banana skin element, which can effectively inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria. If you use banana skin to itch and rub, or fry it with water, you can see the effect soon.

5. Banana peel can treat oral ulcer

Banana skin is actually a good Chinese medicine. It can be used to treat oral ulcer, moisten intestines, defecate and defecate by boiling water together with pyrolignite and proper amount of brown sugar.

6. Banana peel can wipe leather

We often have all kinds of leather goods in our house. Although they look good, they are not easy to maintain. Sometimes we know they are dirty, but we can't wash them with water. Now, the Jiaotong University can use banana skin to wipe the leather goods, keep the luster of the leather goods, and extend the life of the leather goods.

In addition to the above functions, banana peel is also a natural fertilizer. It is better to throw banana peel into a potted plant than to throw it into a garbage can. Magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals contained in banana peel can promote the growth of plants.