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How to wash black clothes without fading

In life, many people like to wear plain clothes. Among them, black and white are the most popular colors. Black and white is the color that can't be worn wrong. It's a good match. However, it is worth mentioning that many people reflect that the black T-shirt is easy to fade after washing, and they find that the water turns red. The faded black T-shirt is ugly. So what about the black T-shirt turning red? May as well and small make up to understand next!

How to wash black T-shirt in salt water

The easiest way is to soak it in salt water. I believe many people have used it. In order to keep the color of the new black T-shirt unchanged, you can soak it in strong salt water for half an hour before the first time you go into the water. Then you can clean the T-shirt in the normal way~

If there is still a slight discoloration, soak it in light salt water for ten minutes before each regular cleaning. In this way, the black T-shirt will never discolor for a long time~

White vinegar soaking

White vinegar can not only make white T-shirt white, but also protect the color of black T-shirt. The simple way is to put vinegar into hot water, not too much. After cooling down, put black T-shirt into soaking for about 30 minutes, which often has a good color protection effect on black T-shirt~

Flower water immersion method

This method should have been used by a lot of people. The effect is excellent. Drop a few drops of dew directly into the water, then soak the cleaned black T-shirt in the water, wait about 10 minutes, and then dry it. Soaking the black T-shirt in the dew can not only prevent color loss, but also disinfect, sterilize and remove the smell of sweat~

Spinach soaked in water

Don't throw away the boiled spinach juice. It can be used to clean the black T-shirt. After cleaning the black T-shirt, put it in the cold spinach juice for 10 minutes, and then dehydrate and dry it. It can not only prevent the color fading but also make the black color darker and brighter! If you feel the T-shirt has faded a little, try it!

Beer soaking

This method also needs to clean the T-shirt first, and then carry out it again. Take a basin of water, pour some beer, mix them, put the washed black T-shirt in the bath for half an hour, and then clean it with water, don't use washing powder and soap, etc. ~ this method is a waste of beer, if you think it's too luxurious, you can only use it on the more expensive black T-shirt~

How to dry T-shirt

When drying, try to make the clothes as flat as possible, remove the wrinkles, and air the reverse side of the T-shirt outward to avoid the discoloration of the T-shirt. When the T-shirt is 80% dry, you can take it off. After folding and flattening, wait for the clothes to dry out, and then you can store the T-shirt~

How to turn black T-shirt red

Why black t-shirts turn red

(1) The black T-shirt turns red, which may be caused by fading. It may be related to the disinfectant used. It is better not to wash the black clothes with disinfectant, or it may be caused by the use of tap water added with excessive bleaching powder.

(2) The black T-shirt turns red is a black reverse phenomenon, which will appear after exposure to the sun. Try not to expose clothes to strong ultraviolet light for a long time.

(3) The color of black is red and blue. Red is the main color. After being washed and bleached, the original blue will be washed away, leaving red

(4) Black t fade and turn red after washing for many times, or it may be a problem of dyeing, so the clothes with serious fade should not be worn again.

How to change the color of black T-shirt into red

1. Potassium permanganate and acetic acid: first dissolve a little potassium permanganate in water, then put the clothes to be rinsed in, fully soak them. After soaking for 10 to 20 minutes, the clothes will be dark red. Pick up the clothes and wash them with clean water; then dissolve a little acetic acid in water, and put the clothes soaked with too much potassium permanganate in acetic acid solution, the clothes will change from dark red to the original color, and the color will be dyed Fang also peels off without damaging the original color of the clothes. Sometimes you can use this method to wear yellow clothes

2. Add 1:1 washing powder and detergent containing more anionic surfactants into warm water, immerse the dyed area in warm water for more than half an hour, and then wash it by hand. If it's still not clean, put all the clothes into the water above 50 degrees, add a small amount of washing powder to wash, and use the fading of the clothes to reduce the color difference.

Black T-shirt anti fading method acid wash method

Before washing the black T-shirt, add some common vinegar to the washing water for a while! But the amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to dye light colored clothes. If you can wash clothes like this often, you can ensure that the color of clothes is bright and clean as new.

Toilet water cleaning method

Wash the black T according to the conventional method. After the clothes are rinsed, drop a few drops of dew into the clear water, and then soak the cleaned clothes in such water for ten minutes. The clothes washed in this way can also play the role of disinfection and sterilization and the removal of sweat smell.

Saltwater immersion method

Soak the concentrated brine for half an hour, and then wash it according to the normal method. If there is still a slight discoloration, you can use light salt water to soak for 10 minutes before each water washing. If you keep going for a long time, the clothes will never discolor!

Beer washing method

Most of the reason why black T turns red is because it's made of cotton. So when cleaning it, add a little beer in the water and then pour a little blue black ink into it. Put the faded clothes in it, soak it for half an hour, then take it out, and then wash it with water a little, then it can protect its color from fading.

Anti air curing method

Most fabric clothes can not be directly exposed to the sun, because UV is the main cause of clothes fading. Therefore, when the black T is cleaned, it is still necessary to choose to dry it in reverse to avoid direct sunlight.

Black T-shirt hair off washing tips warm water washing

Wash with water at 25-35 ℃ and separate from other clothes. The most important thing is that when the black T-shirt is in the air, it should be put in the outside instead of in the sun. Because the high temperature exposure will easily cause the black T-shirt to discolor and dye unevenly. Therefore, dark clothes such as black t-shirts need to be dried in a ventilated place.

Washing with soapy water

Because the dye can be melted in alkaline solution, it can be washed with soapy water and alkaline water, but it should be noted that after washing, rinse it with water immediately, and do not make soap or alkali soak for a long time or remain in the clothing.

Brine washing

The stripe cloth or standard cloth dyed with direct dye has poor adhesion in general color. When washing, you can add a little salt in the water. Soak the clothes in the solution for 10-15 minutes before washing, which can prevent or reduce fading.

Softener wash

The cloth dyed with sulfurized fuel has strong adhesion in general color, but poor wear resistance. Therefore, it's best to soak in softener for 15 minutes, gently scrub with hands, and then rinse with water. Don't rub it with a washboard, or the cloth will turn white.