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One plus six new planes launch Avenger alliance 3 limited edition ready to start one plus officially announced that it will hold a press conference in Beijing on May 17 to launch a new flagship model, one plus six mobile phones. Combined with the information previously disclosed, this latest flagship mobile phone will cooperate with marvel to launch a customized limited edition of Avenger alliance. According to this, one plus Mobile phone official micro released a message: welcome to oneplus 6 Marvel Avenger Alliance Limited Edition and join the full speed flagship A star array of one and six.

One plus six new planes launch Avenger alliance 3 limited edition ready to start

Referring to the recently released film "Avenger alliance 3: Battle of infinity", many fans are looking forward to it. At the same time, a mobile phone and marvel have carried out cross-border cooperation, and announced that they will launch Avenger alliance version one plus six new machines in the near future. Recently, it is reported that this flagship new machine to be released will launch "Avenger alliance 3: Battle of infinity" limited edition, such as oneplu last year The s 5T is the same as the Star Wars Limited Edition.

Compared with this cross-border cooperation, first Canada has cooperated with Castelbajac, a French national artist, to launch the oneplus 5 JCC special edition. From the perspective of the real machine, it can be said that it is a very attentive customized product, which has a very attentive design from the packaging to the product itself. At the same time, the whole machine shell and the color change button and other small details of this mobile phone have a delicate and attentive design.

The 20th anniversary edition of oneplus 3T Collette has been released jointly by Canada and French fashion brand Collette, which more represents a perfect cross-border marriage between technology circle and fashion circle. The commemorative model launched jointly by Canada and Collette is a boutique in mobile phone circle, and the cooperation with Collette itself can also be regarded as the optimization and integration of resources, integrating technology attributes and art attributes Together, create a new marketing model.

Now "Avenger alliance 3: Battle of infinity" is in hot release. Yijia mobile phone cooperates with marvel, and the customized mobile phone of Yijia 6 Marvel Avenger alliance is attracting more attention. It is reported that when buying the tickets for the film "Fu Lian 3", every seat selected will have a logo with a mobile phone, and there will be voice broadcast over and over again with a mobile phone, with unlimited power and mastery. With the popularity of "Fu Lian 3" increasing, the wave of mobile advertising can be said to be done with great care.

Combined with the cross-border cooperation with many international brands in recent years, no matter JCC, Collette, star wars and now marvel, they are all high-end and compelling cooperation, which also highlights the brand image of Marvel born internationalization. As a new flagship of marvel, I am ready to start as a marvel fan. How about you.