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What are the Internet loans that do not check credit in 2018? What are the outlets that black househ

At present, there are small loan products that do not check credit on the market, but they still need to carry out credit audit from other aspects, including sesame sub certification, real name mobile phone number certification, etc. Therefore, whether black households can make payments can not be guaranteed, even if they can make payments, the security can not be guaranteed. It is recommended that big families choose a regular loan platform to avoid personal losses.

Today, I'd like to introduce to you the following five openings: yunsecong loan, instant flower, Superman card, Jixiang bank and paying for you. The details are as follows:

Cloud second loan

Yunmiaozi loan is an online outlet for a short time. The current payment situation is good. It's said that it's impossible to check credit without checking it. The official has no exact answer. To apply for online loan, black users need to provide ID cards, with a maximum limit of 5000. The first application limit is about 1000-2000, and the service cycle is 10-15 days.

Instant flower

At present, the maximum application limit for instant spending is 1000, and the service life is 10 days. In addition, when applying, sesame score should be more than 550. Those with real name mobile phone number can apply, and the threshold is relatively low. When downloading the mobile phone, it's OK to register and log in. If the black user wants to apply, sesame credit can't be spent.

Superman card

Superman card is also recently launched. It is a large amount of money, with a maximum amount of 200000 yuan and a maximum loan term of 1 year. A large number of applications need special qualifications, but generally as long as there is a real name mobile phone number, plus sesame score and credit card certification can be paid.

Lucky bank

Jixiang bank's quota is a little more popular. The maximum quota is 5000, with a service life of 7 to 14 days. In fact, it's similar to the change bus. There may be a follow-up call after the application. Pay attention to answering, or the application may fail.

Return for you

It's not a small background to replace you. It's the joint launch of Qiantu bull and quark finance. So it's been popular all the time. At present, the maximum amount is 50000, and the longest use cycle is 12 months. But we need to have a credit card, and normally use more than six bills. Partners without a credit card will not consider this.