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Can you still eat cowpeas when they are raw or not ripe

Sihaiwang: cowpea life is a very common ingredient. There are many ways to make cowpeas. Many families like to eat. But if you find cowpea worms, can you still eat them? In general, it's better not to eat cowpeas when they are raw. Cowpea is easy to produce a lot of bacteria and microorganisms when it is infested with insects, and there will be some eggs which are not suitable for further consumption. Let's take a look at it in detail!

Can cowpeas eat when they are infested with insects

Can not eat. Generally speaking, raw cowpeas contain eggs. Eating cowpeas containing eggs is easy to get parasitic diseases. For health reasons, it is recommended not to eat them. And the cowpea is generally put for a long time to produce insects, at the same time, the quality may change moldy, and eating cowpeas like this is not good for the body. Personal opinions are for reference only.

If the cowpea is raw with meat worms, it has little effect on health after eating by mistake. The meat insect in cowpea is cowpea borer, also known as bean borer. Even if it is eaten by mistake, it will not cause harm to human body. PODBORER is a worldwide distribution of bean pests. The larvae eat bean seeds in the pods. If the damaged seeds are heavy, they will be empty, leaving only the seed stalk. If the damaged seeds are light, they will be cut into notches, and they can hardly be used as seeds. The damaged seeds are still full of insect dung, brown and rotten. Generally, the pod borer enters from the middle of the pod.

Why do cowpeas grow insects

Cowpea is easy to grow insects because of its high temperature. The cowpea is usually a kind of insect called PODBORER. PODBORER, which eats beans exclusively, is difficult to control. The main reason is that the insect can get into the pods and is not easy to be killed by pesticides. In South China, legumes are usually planted from March to August, with a growth cycle of more than two months. The number of generations of PODBORER has reached seven. Generally, the higher the temperature is, the higher the algebra of insect pest is. If a single drug is used, the insect pest resistance will become stronger and stronger '.

How to prevent dry beans from growing insects in summer

Dry goods and so on must be dried in the sun after they are bought, and then put into a sealed tank and stored in a cool and dry place. If conditions permit, it is better to store them in the refrigerator. Some dry goods, such as seafood, can also be dried and stored in fresh-keeping bags in the freezer, with better effect.

Before storage, it is necessary to select the bad and long insects, and then seal them with the clasp. It is also OK to have clean pockets, but it must be ensured that the pockets are dry and sealed. I store all the dry goods at home like this. I haven't grown worms.