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Can horseradish seed effectively treat halitosis

Sihaiwang: in life, I believe many people will face an embarrassing problem, that is how to treat halitosis. There are many factors of halitosis, but the elimination of halitosis by spicy seeds is not only to improve the taste of the mouth. Especially the digestive system. Horseradish can make the waste accumulated in the digestive system discharged from the body, making the body organs younger. The dredging effect of Moringa on the body is not only detoxification, but also elimination of toxins and regulation of metabolism under the effect of multiple nutrients. Take a few pills every day, fundamentally regulate the balance of body functions, and achieve the purpose of eliminating the root of halitosis.

Can the shell of horseradish seed be soaked in water

The shell is soft and hard, easy to peel. Don't throw the shell of spicy wood seed. You can drink it in water. The shell can be soaked in water. After eating the fruit, it tastes bitter and astringent in your mouth. After drinking the water, it is sweet. The shell is boiled in a teapot, light brown. It takes a lot of peeling to make the spicy seed shells in the teapot.

How to eat spicy seeds

1. It's white and fat inside. It's super cute. It's bitter in the mouth before it's sweet. It's not white sugar. It's a bit like sugar cane. It's sweet for a long time. It won't go away. Drink it after you take it.

2. This kind of pure natural pollution-free food is also very reassuring. After all, there is a layer of wrapping outside. People who like clean like me have a little bit of cleanliness addiction. They can also be assured to eat boldly.

3. The skin hasn't been lost. After drinking the water, I feel it's OK. The water is yellowish and a little sweet. I don't know whether it's still sweet in the mouth or sweet from the skin in the water. It's silly.

4. It is estimated that the whole body is treasure, and the skin can also be soaked in water. It can be used for a long time.

Can spicy seeds cure bad breath

Horseradish seed can regulate breath, but it may not work as well as expected for halitosis, because there are many reasons for halitosis. If it is caused by bad digestion of the stomach and intestines, horseradish seed is useless.