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How to clean automobile air conditioner how to maintain it in daily use

Sihai network: if the air outlet of automobile air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, there may be a lot of dust and foreign matters in the air outlet after the air conditioner is used for a long time. At this time, it is necessary to clean the air outlet of automobile air conditioner. Let's teach you how to clean it.

How to clean automobile air conditioner how to maintain it in daily use

How to clean the air outlet of automobile air conditioner

1. First find the air inlet of the air conditioner, which is where the air conditioner filter element is placed.

2. Then buy a special cleaner in the 4S shop.

3. The air conditioning inlets and outlets of different brands and models of vehicles may be different. Generally speaking, they are the inlets and outlets under the wiper. If you can't find them, you can open the air conditioner and take a paper towel to prevent it from being placed under the wiper. The location of the air conditioning filter element is where the paper towel is drawn.

4. After finding out the air inlet, first take out the air conditioning filter element. If the filter element is in the air inlet, it cannot be cleaned.

5. After taking out the filter element, turn on the external circulation of the air conditioner, but do not turn on the cooling function of the air conditioner. In the process of air conditioning cleaning, only the size of air volume can be adjusted and the external circulation function of air conditioning can be turned on.

6. After you turn on the air conditioner, remember to spray some detergent. At this time, the windows and doors will remain closed better.

7, first shake the detergent evenly, then insert the catheter into the nozzle, because at this time the detergent is foaming, so it is necessary to pipe the foam accurately and evenly on the air inlet. Plug in the pipe, and then open the fuse, you can spray detergent on the air inlet.

8. After spraying the detergent, let the air conditioner continue to circulate for about 10-15 minutes. The purpose is to make the detergent clean thoroughly inside the air conditioner and give full play to its maximum effect. After running for 10-15 minutes, you can turn off the air conditioner, and then you don't need to clean it.

How to maintain the air conditioner

1. Do not adjust the direction of the air outlet at will

The air vent of air conditioner should be adjusted reasonably. According to the principle of cold air sinking and hot air rising, the air outlet should be upward when opening the air conditioner and downward when opening the heating.

2. In winter, the air conditioner should be started regularly

Some places may not need air conditioning in winter. If the air conditioner is not used for a long time, the rubber ring will age, and the lubricating oil on the internal parts of the air conditioner will dry. Therefore, it is necessary to start the air conditioner regularly to ensure the lubrication of the air conditioner, so it can be maintained in good condition. It is recommended to start it once a week in winter.

3. The use time of air conditioner should not be too long

Using the air conditioner for a long time will make the pressure of the condenser too large, which will cause great loss to the refrigeration system. Therefore, the time of using the air conditioner should not be too long. If the temperature in the car is comfortable, turn off the air conditioner for a while and turn it on after a period of time.

4. In summer, ventilate and cool down before internal circulation

Because the temperature inside the car is higher than that outside the car, it is recommended to open a window for ventilation first to cool down and exhaust all the hot air inside the car first. After the temperature in the car drops, the air conditioner will be converted into internal circulation.

5. It is not suitable to use air conditioning internal circulation for a long time

Because the internal circulation is the circulation of air in the enclosed space in the car, the oxygen content in the car will continue to drop, and if the gasoline in the cylinder is not completely burned, the unburned carbon monoxide of the engine may also leak into the car, so the air quality in the car will be worse and worse, even causing harm to the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to drive the internal circulation for a while, and then the external circulation for a while to let the fresh air into the car. It's the same reason that you can't sleep in the car with the internal circulation.