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Summer what material mat the coolest baby summer can sleep mat?

The summer has come, and it's time to sleep at the mat. So how to choose the coolest mat in summer? Which kind of mat is cooler? It is worth mentioning that when there is a baby at home, the baby is young, so we should pay special attention to the daily life. So baby can sleep bamboo mat? May as well and small make up understand next!

What is the cool mat? 1. Bamboo mat

The bamboo mat is made of bamboo strips. There are not many gaps in the bamboo strips, so the thermal conductivity of the bamboo mat is better. When we sleep on the bamboo mat, the heat can be carried away by the heat transfer, and the bamboo mat is the coolest.

But bamboo mat is suitable for young people or people with good health. Because of its heavy moisture, it is not suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and children. It is also not suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. The bamboo mat should not be exposed to the sun to avoid the crispness of bamboo. Before going to sleep every day, you can use water to wipe it once, which can make the bamboo mat turn red in advance, so that it is cooler.

2. Linen mat

Flax has better functions of absorbing sweat, ventilating, bacteriostasis and anti-static. It doesn't touch the skin when sleeping, feels soft and doesn't sleep on the back. And good quality linen mat can be used for about 10 years. Flax mat can also emit light fragrance, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, but also has the health care function of reducing blood pressure and calming nerves, suitable for the elderly, women and children.

Its biggest advantage is that it is as soft as the bed sheet, and can be washed and folded at ease, which is very easy to store. Linen mat can be washed or dry cleaned. Before washing, it is better to soak in 30 ℃ - 40 ℃ warm water for 10 minutes. Do not twist it by hand when washing. Washing powder and soap with bleaching effect shall not be used for cleaning. Its price is also relatively high. The price of general adult linen mat is about 300 yuan.

3. Bamboo charcoal mat

After special oxidation treatment, bamboo of bamboo charcoal mat has strong adsorption. It has the characteristics of sterilization, deodorization, dust absorption, fresh air, cool and pleasant. It's second only to bamboo mat in the degree of cold, but it's more sweat absorbing than ordinary mat. The color of bamboo charcoal mat is darker. Some 'bamboo charcoal mats' are only sandwiched with charcoal cloth layers in ordinary bamboo mats, and should be carefully selected when purchasing.

4, straw mat

Straw mat material is soft, has strong affinity with the skin and low coolness, especially suitable for the elderly and babies. But we should pay attention to whether the children will be allergic to use the straw mat, and it is easy to hide mites in the straw mat, so we must always clean it when using it.

When you buy a new straw mat or start using it every year, you'd better use hot boiled water to scrub it repeatedly, and then put it in the sun for several hours, so as to kill the bacteria and mites in the straw mat. It is better to wipe it with warm water before use every day to ensure that the straw mat is not stained with sweat or dust as much as possible.

5. Cowhide mat

In many neutral mats, cowhide mats are the first choice, belong to high-grade mats, and the whole buffalo hide is the best. Cowhide mat can be used in all seasons. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It has the best perspiration absorption. It is very suitable for people with more perspiration. Because it is made of leather material, it will also reflect its unique softness and smoothness when contacting with human skin.

Cowhide mat has good heat dissipation and high price. During the use of the cowhide mat, wipe the mat surface with a wet towel regularly, but do not dry it directly in the sun or wash it with water. After use, the edge of the mat is easy to fold, the leather layer is easy to absorb water and volatilize slowly, and may grow mildew in wet season, so it is necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof.

How to choose a mat

The size of the mat must be bought according to the size of the bed. The size can only be small but not large. Otherwise, the mat will be easily broken because it is too wide to expose the edge of the bed. It also depends on whether the color of the mat is more uniform. Spread out the mat to see if the weaving is tight and even, and observe if there are mildew spots and wormholes on the mat.

2. Touch

Try to feel whether the mat surface feels smooth, whether the corners are neat and clean, whether there are bamboo thorns on it, and whether the surface is rough and easy to scratch your hands.

3, smell

The fresh materials and the new products made in that year have a natural fragrance. No matter bamboo mat, grass mat or rattan mat, they should be fragrant but not peculiar.

Can baby sleep on bamboo mat

You can't sleep on bamboo mat. Because the bamboo mat is the most cool in the mat. It has a lot of water and high specific heat. Compared with other materials, it needs to absorb more heat before the temperature rises, so it will be cool to sleep. The bamboo mat is suitable for people with relatively hot constitution. It is not recommended to sleep on the bamboo mat for the baby. Moreover, the baby's skin is tender, and the sleeping bamboo mat is easy to be cut and put.

How old can a baby sleep on a mat

Generally, babies are not recommended to sleep on the mat. Generally, babies need to have 6 months to use the mat, and the mat used should not be too cold and hard, so as to avoid damage to the baby. If the mat is too cold, it will cause diarrhea or cold for the baby, so the mother should be careful when using the mat for the baby.