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2018 super beautiful Korean version of lovely manicure

I believe every girl who loves beauty will dress her nails carefully. It can be said that the hand is the second face of a girl. And manicure is delicate makeup. Although the style of manicure is very changeable, every year lovely manicure is very popular. Next, I would like to recommend a wave of 2018 super beautiful Korean version of lovely manicure.

2018 Korean version of lovely manicure pictures

There are various styles and forms of manicure, and lovely manicure must be a classic hot style, no matter what season and age, it is very suitable!

And the following lovely manicures are popular in 2018, let alone I didn't tell you!

Red elk lovely manicure

Red fortune cat lovely manicure

Yellow poached egg enhancement

Cartoon hand painted lovely manicure

Pink gold foil enhancement

Little rabbit lovely manicure

Simple lovely manicure

Cute chicken enhancement

Smiling face nail

Girl heart rabbit enhancement

Lovely panda manicure

Christmas manicure

It's already itchy. If you like it, try it

How much is a cat's eye manicure

Reference price: 160 yuan.

Cat's eye nail oil glue, as the name implies, has the same effect as the cat's eyes. It can show different light and shadow under the change of light, and it is like a cat's eye stone on the hand.

The magnet powder in the cat's eye glue will be absorbed and gathered under the action of magnet. Under the reflection of light, there is a light band like the cat's pupil, that is, there is a thin and bright reflection on the surface, the effect is like the cat's eye stone, which is named cat's eye glue.

Skills and methods of Nail Polish

1. before we apply nail polish, we must wash our hands first, then sterilize them, and use the abrasive bar to correct the nail shape.

2. apply calcium primer on the surface of nail.

3. dip a little nail polish on the tip of the nail tip, and then apply the reverse side of the nail tip.

4. Brush the nail in the middle, with the brush slightly flat and the brush head slightly pressed open.

5. Apply the left side of the nail, and then the right side of the nail.

6. spread the nail polish second times.

7. If there is any excess of nail oil overflowing after application of nail oil, use the label to dip the nail washing water and wipe off the excess nail oil.

8. Apply another coat of bright oil.

9. finish