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How to wear a dress with straps? How to match a skirt with a blouse

When spring comes, it's the season to wear skirts. When you put on skirts, the whole person is beautiful. Strap dress is also a popular dress in the past two years, so how to match it? Be careful. Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What does a dress with straps go with

Outerwear strap dress with denim jacket

The handsome and hard denim jacket plus the sexy strap dress, Asian people although there is no concave and convex body, but it is a good choice to match. Strap dress with denim jacket, simple and elegant without too much decoration, but very temperament. The petite girls can change into short dresses to show their long legs and height.

Strap dress with suit coat

In the fashion circle, there is a kind of wearing pattern called "both hard and soft", which is just confirmed by BELT DRESS + suit coat. No matter what size you are, it's unique to wear a suit and coat, and the strapless dress is even more youthful.

Strap dress with cardigan

There are many kinds of outerwear, but it's a technical job to wear it light and warm. The short or medium length knitted cardigan can look slender. The belt dress with knitted cardigan is to pull up the waistline, which is lovely, romantic and artistic.

Strap dress with windbreaker

The windbreaker coat with natural and unrestrained bearing can resist the 'evil wind' that blows from time to time, and can easily cope with the sudden continuous spring rain. And windbreaker whether it is to match fairy full dress or cool leather dress are super stylish and very lady.

How to match a dress with straps

Dress with straps and shoes

Single shoes look comfortable, versatile and simple. If you want to wear a single shoe with a strap dress, you must choose the one with a high waist if you want to have a long leg of two meters, and the one with a length of no more than knee or medium length is better. You can wear a scenic line casually, and have a lady style and leisure style.

Strap dress with little white shoes

Small white shoes are just the beginning of the era of national small white shoes. We don't just need to match small white shoes casually, the simpler we wear them, the more classic they are. It's easy to match the dress with the white shoes, but it's full of girlish and sweet.

Strap dress with high heels

Pointed high-heeled shoes are smart, sexy and feminine, while the strapless dress looks very lady. When they are matched together, they look curvy and beautiful, and the proportion of body will also be pulled up, which makes them full of charm.

Strap dress with sandals

In summer, it must be sandals that are the coolest to wear. Sandals with a word are even more simple and neat. Strap dress with sandals is more layered, elegant and fashionable.

Flower skirt is beautiful and romantic

Floral skirt + white top

Collocation points: floral skirt with white top is fresh and temperament, absolutely the first choice for summer floral skirt collocation. No matter the simple white T or the temperament White Chiffon or lace top, it looks very fresh and outstanding with the floral skirt.

Floral skirt + black top

Collocation points: floral skirt with black top is more thin, but also very calm and dry, worried about the shape is too dull, you can choose to use light color single products in accessories to enhance the shape, such as with white shoes and white bags, so that the shape is outstanding and beautiful.

Floral skirt + same color top

Matching points: floral skirt with top of the same color department has a gradual beauty, such as blue floral skirt with blue top, which is more eye-catching and eye-catching. Light color or no color is more suitable for accessories, making floral skirt become the focus of modeling.

Floral skirt + sleeveless top

Matching points: floral skirt with black sleeveless top, sexy and full of style, shoes also choose black, echoing the color of the top to make the shape more uniform and delicate.

Floral skirt + off shoulder top

Collocation points: the off shoulder top is the hottest dressing single at present, and it is also very beautiful to match with the floral skirt. On the accessories, a sweet hat is used to create a fashionable feeling, and a fresh girl's breath is put on every minute.

Floral skirt + pink top

Collocation highlights: the pink top is younger and more beautiful with blue or non color floral skirt.