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How do Shandong college entrance examination volunteers fill in the college entrance examination adm

After the completion of the college entrance examination, you have to fill in the application form. How can Shandong candidates fill in the application form in 2018? What's the way to fill in this year's application? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

2018 Shandong college entrance examination application form

The last application shall prevail

This year, we will continue to apply online application. In the ordinary undergraduate batch and Junior College (Higher Vocational) general batch of general literature and history, science and engineering, and sports, parallel volunteer and batch recruitment volunteer are implemented, while in the art class, parallel volunteer is implemented in the undergraduate unified examination batch and Junior College (Higher Vocational) batch (except for some Art Majors approved by the Ministry of Education).

Candidates for the '3 + 2' pilot training program shall fill in the application form according to the general batch of liberal arts and history or science and Engineering Specialty (Higher Vocational), and the candidates' filing scores shall be within 50 points below the minimum admission control line for the first time set by our province. The universities shall select the best candidates according to the admission principle and handle the admission procedures for specialty.

The volunteer information filled in by candidates shall be subject to the last filling (modification) within the specified time. Candidates can confirm their application information online with their own password and SMS verification password, which has legal effect and does not need to sign for confirmation. Candidates must fill in the application form within the specified time. It is invalid to fill in the application form in advance or overdue.

Several batches of college entrance examination

College entrance examination is divided into 5 batches

1. The Department approval in advance includes some universities and specialties of Arts and science, including those of military, public security and navigation, those of free normal students, those of free medical students in Colleges and universities of Shandong Province, those of Pilot Universities and specialties for comprehensive evaluation of enrollment, those of minor languages in some colleges and universities, those of flight technology undergraduate major of flight students, and those of high-level athletes And major, other universities and majors approved in advance; independent undergraduate art universities and some art undergraduate majors of other universities implemented by reference to their enrollment methods, and art undergraduate majors of Universities under the Ministry and some key universities under the province.

2. The main enrollment batch includes the special plan for key universities to recruit students from rural and poverty-stricken areas implemented by the Ministry of education and the universities and majors that independently recruit students (including high-level art troupes).

3. Subject general approval refers to other summer college entrance examination universities and majors in Arts and Sciences, arts and sports except for the approval in advance. It is worth noting that art majors are divided into two categories: unified examination approval and school examination approval. The former implements parallel volunteer, while the latter does not. This is also the first time for arts majors in our province to set up unified examination approval and school examination approval. According to the arrangement, colleges and universities and majors that use the results of the provincial arts and literature editing and directing unified examination will arrange separate batches and implement parallel voluntary admission. Colleges and universities that use the scores of the college entrance examination for art and literature editors and directors are arranged to enroll after Colleges and universities that use the scores of the unified examination. With the advance approval for art, there are three batches for the enrollment of art majors.

4. The advanced approval of Science (Higher Vocational Education) includes public security colleges and universities and specialties; direct recruitment of non commissioned officer students colleges and universities and specialties; flight technology specialties.

5. The general approval of subjects (Higher Vocational Education) includes the special plan of higher vocational colleges; in addition to the approval in advance of Junior College (Higher Vocational Education), other colleges and universities and majors of Arts, arts and sports in summer college entrance examination.