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What are the five flavors of horseradish seeds? What are the functions and effects of horseradish se

Sihaiwang: horseradish seed is a very magical medicine in India. The reason why horseradish seed is so hot is mainly because of its magic to human health. Horseradish seed can improve halitosis, relieve constipation and regulate the three highs. Different people have different tastes. So what does spicy wood seed taste like? May as well and small make up understand next!

Why drink water when eating spicy wood seeds

Because the nutrients in Capsicum seeds need a lot of water to be digested and absorbed well, which has a certain effect. Horseradish seed has a special effect on detoxification and metabolism. When drinking water to make tea and flower tea, take one or three horseradish seeds (peel and eat inner seeds) and then drink a lot of water. The fresh water or tea has another natural sweet taste.

Generally speaking, people with abnormal metabolism of liver function will taste bitter when they eat spicy seeds for the first time, and drink 300-500ml warm boiled water intermittently. After one to two months, it can strengthen the liver, improve sleep, enhance immunity, accelerate metabolism, detoxify and lose weight.

Horseradish contains many kinds of polysaccharides, including starch and cellulose. When horseradish is eaten, there are starch enzymes in saliva. Starch enzymes can decompose starch, and starch can decompose into monosaccharides or double ponds. When you feel sweet, starch is decomposed into monosaccharides (glucose). While double pond (maltose) is soluble in water, maltose is hydrolyzed into monosaccharide when you drink water, so you feel sweet! Only when the polysaccharide finally decomposes into monosaccharide can it be useful and easily absorbed by the human body!

After eating horseradish seed, there will be a period of back sweet in the mouth, whether it is drinking water or eating; Urination will be more frequent than usual, horseradish seed has diuretic effect, can promote the water circulation in the body, but also a kind of detoxification.

What does spicy wood seed taste represent

What's the magic about spicy seeds? That is to eat one pill to know the body symptoms. After eating, people with different body states will have different tastes. Through this taste, you can judge the symptoms of your body, i.e. "five tastes at the entrance". If you don't believe it, you can take one pill yourself and try it. After eating, you can tell the taste you feel and know whether your body function is normal.

The normal healthy body eating spicy wood seeds is pure sweet. People of different physique will have the following five tastes: bitter, sour, astringent, sweet and fishy.

If the taste you eat is' sour ', it means that your heart and small intestine are weak; if the taste you eat is' bitter', it means that your liver function is damaged; if the taste you eat is' fishy ', it means that your kidney and bladder are deficient; if the taste you eat is' astringent', you should pay attention to the imbalance of spleen, intestine and lung; if you eat nauseous, you should pay attention to the brain, nerves and physical weakness. And healthy people, the taste is sweet.

Spicy seeds have five health benefits 1. Control appetite

Horseradish seed is a "high satiety" food, which can make you feel fuller, or fuller for a longer time. The high satiety of horseradish seed is not only the cause of fat, dietary fiber and protein content. If you eat horseradish seed at breakfast, you can reduce the amount of food in this day.

2. Help reduce salt

Salty snacks are usually high salt foods. But the salt content of horseradish seed is less than that of slice bread and frozen waffles of the same weight. Therefore, horseradish seed can not only satisfy your taste of salty, but also not easily lead to excessive salt intake.

3. Stabilize blood sugar

The study found that people who switched a portion of red meat in their diet to horseradish seeds had a 21% lower risk of developing diabetes. Horseradish seed will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. If you eat horseradish seed in the morning, your blood sugar will not be too high all day.

4. Keep your heart healthy

People who eat more horseradish seeds have a 35% reduced risk of coronary heart disease. The researchers believe that the fatty acid composition of Moringa seeds, combined with other ingredients, can reduce the content of LDL and make the heart healthier.

5. Reduce the risk of colon cancer

Women who ate at least twice a week had a 58% lower risk of colon cancer, while men who ate at least twice a week had a 27% lower risk. Scientists say it's the folic acid and other anti-cancer nutrients in horseradish seeds that play a role.

The edible method of horseradish seed

Peel the outer shell and eat the inner shell (do not discard the seed shell, use the blister or as the water purification agent).

Generally speaking, it's best to take one to three times a day, two to four capsules at a time at the beginning, and then add or subtract them according to your physical fitness one week later. After continuous consumption for one month, you can obviously feel the effect.

When eating spicy seeds, you should bite them up and take them with more than 300cc of boiled water. Then you can immediately experience the magic of spicy seeds. Soon after taking them, you can feel a full sweet taste. Even if you drink boiled water again, it is still sweet. Even if you swallow saliva, it has a natural sweet taste!

Special usage of horseradish seed

1. Usage to remove age spots: take 2 capsules early in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening, chew and swallow them directly, and drink about 500ml (about 150ml each time, 3-4 times). One week later, 3-4 capsules in the morning, noon and evening respectively, as above.

2. Anti drunkenness usage: 30-15 minutes before drinking, take 4-5 pieces of Moringa seeds, directly chew and swallow, and drink about 300 ml of water at the same time.

3. Usage of Qing Dynasty stool: take 5 capsules in the morning and evening, chew and swallow directly, and drink about 500-600ml (a small amount and many times).

It should be noted that it is not recommended for pregnant women, severe asthma and infants under six months old.