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What kind of shoes do you look good in summer

Four seas net: hot summer, hot pants are always sought after by all kinds of girls, relaxed and cool, don't you want to try? Let's see what kind of shoes the shorts go with!

What kind of shoes do you look good in summer

Shorts with small white shoes

Shorts with a coat, a pair of small white shoes, but young girls age sense full ah! With the matching of coat and sunglasses, it is more eye-catching and detailed!

Shorts with sandals

Shorts can be fresh and crisp with shirt and T-shirt, and wear well with sandals No.1!

Shorts with one shoe

The convenient and increased single shoes are just the welfare of small girls, OK? With shorts to match a pair of single shoes, the T-shirt inserted into the hot pants is pulled high waistline, more leg long!

Hot pants with high heels

High heels are ever-changing, each pair is very special, with shorts to match high heels, fresh and sexy full of femininity!