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What's the matter with no water coming from the outside of the air conditioner? What's the matter wi

When using the air conditioner in summer, there will be water continuously discharged from the drain outlet of the external unit, but if the air conditioner is turned on and the water is not discharged, the indoor cooling effect is not good, what's the reason? Then you should have a look at the causes of these small problems.

Is the cooling water of air conditioner normal

Whether the air conditioner can output water or not depends on the humidity of the indoor air. If the indoor air is dry, of course, there will not be much water out. Especially in the north, the air is dry all the year round, so the air conditioner generally has little drainage. As long as there is no water leakage in the indoor air conditioner and the cooling effect is good, it shows that the air conditioner is normal.

1. First of all, it depends on whether the air conditioner is refrigerated. If the machine is not refrigerated or the refrigeration effect is not good, the moisture in the indoor air will not condense and there will be no water outflow naturally.

2. If Freon leakage occurs in the air conditioner, resulting in poor cooling effect or no cooling, of course, no condensate will flow out.

3. If the refrigeration is good, it is likely that the water outlet pipe is blocked. There will always be dust fibers in the air, and the small ones will enter the water outlet with water through the air conditioning filter screen. It is also possible that the filter screen is blocked, which will cause the air and evaporator to be unable to conduct heat exchange and no water will flow out. It is common that there is no water due to poor refrigeration. If the refrigeration is good, either the water will come out from the outside or the water will leak from the internal machine.

Where is the water from the air conditioner

The water discharged by the air conditioner is condensate, which is the condensate (liquid water) formed by the condensation of the water vapor (gaseous water) in the air conditioner through the evaporator inside the air conditioner. Then the water will flow to the water pan of the air conditioner bracket, which is located above the air outlet, and then discharged to the outdoor through the drain pipe.

In general, when the air conditioner is refrigerated, the drain pipe from the internal machine to the outdoor will come out of the water, but some users find that there is no water when the air conditioner is refrigerated. What's the matter?

What's the matter with the water leakage of the air conditioner and refrigerator

1. Drain blocked

If the drain pipe is blocked, the condensation water of the air conditioner can not be discharged normally, and the water pan will flow out from the internal machine when it is full. The drain may be blocked by too much dust.

Solution: first check whether the drain pipe is unobstructed. If there is any blockage, just unblock it.

2. Improper installation or internal machine deviation

In fact, the installation of air conditioning is quite professional. Generally, professionals are needed to install it. Of course, sometimes there will be improper installation, for example, the fixed hanging plate of the indoor unit is not fixed firmly, or the use time is long, which causes the displacement, resulting in the difficulty of drainage, and finally leads to the water dripping of the air conditioner.

Solution: if the installation is improper, it needs to be reinstalled. When the air conditioner is reinstalled, the installation position of the air conditioner shall be re measured to reduce the position of the air conditioner drain, so that the condensate of the air conditioner can flow out of the air conditioner smoothly through the drain pipe.

3. Water dripping of air conditioning heat exchanger

Water dripping of heat exchanger is related to filter screen. For example, if there is too much dust on the filter screen, the hydrophilicity of the hydrophilic aluminum foil of the air conditioner will become poor, so that the condensation water on the evaporator of the air conditioner can not directly flow into the water tank during refrigeration, and finally drips into the room through the internal machine.

Solution: if this is the reason, it is also a good solution, as long as the filter screen is thoroughly cleaned.